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Facts related to car insurance policy

May 20, 2016
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insurance (1)Investing in a car is an expensive affair, so keeping it safe and secure should also be a priority. Car insurance should be given just as much importance as that given to car accessories and upgrades. Times have changed; a minor accident repair from your neighborhood mechanic doesn’t come cheap anymore and repairs can cost you thousands of times. The easiest way to keep these costs away is by insuring your car. But before you go and get an insurance done, here are a few facts related to car insurance policy you must know.

  1. Third Party liability insurance is necessary in India for driving your car and is asked all over by the administration/police. It takes care of the expense of misfortune to the third party if there should arise an occurrence of a mishap by your vehicle.
  2. Car insurance is legitimate for just a year, and must be restored before expiry. On the off chance that you recharge your policy even 1 day after it is due for renewal, it can bring about the organization to dismiss your restoration, or interest review of the vehicle, alongside a crisp arrangement of archives.
  3. Factors like make, model, fuel type used, and year of manufacture of the car, IDV (Insured Declared Value) current condition, and other decide the premium.
  4. No Claim reward is honored to those, who have not exhibited any case for the policy year. These can provide you discounts in your new strategy premium. You can likewise request ‘No claim bonus’ if you are switching insurers, by presenting the insurer policy offer letter to the new company (insurer).
  5. LPG/CNG units ought to be announced to the RTO or RTA and the insurer, and it can be secured under the insurance policy.

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