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For any car owner, one of the priorities is the look of the car. However, for most of them safety takes away the lion’s share. For this reason, it’s important that one must be aware of any changes in the vehicle, especially those on the windshield, as that is one of the most important components in your vehicle. Windshields also contribute towards the structural integrity of the car. Driving around with a cracked or chipped windshield glass is a safety hazard, and both the driver as well as passenger could be at great risk. Windshield Experts is a service brand owned by Shield Autoglass Ltd. With presence in 26 cities and conveniently located service centers, our wide network of service centers has firmly cemented our position in the automotive glass repair and replacement business and this allows us to recreate history just like our parent companies did. Windshield Experts is one stop solution for all your windshield woes and car glass requirements. It is India’s largest and only specialized chain for automotive glass repair and replacement. Windshield Experts’ superior position has been built due to:
  • Its association with AIS, India’s largest glass manufacturer
  • An excellent supply chain
  • A proven business model
  Faster. Safer. Better – three words that define us best! Faster – Windshield Experts believes in customer satisfaction and we provide that satisfaction with our prompt and timely service. We have –
  • Takes only 4 hours* for replacement or repair work in cash jobs or cashless jobs.
  • A wide product range, along with an extensive and well-supported distribution network of 50 centres in 25 cities, ensures faster turnaround.
  • Tie-ups with all major insurance companies, ensuring cashless replacement and repair services, with self-survey facility.
  Safer – We believe in Ethical and Safe practices
  • Our repair and replacement services follow international safety norms.
  • Windshield Experts ensures that the parts manufactured and used are of the same high standards as those supplied to the car manufacturer.
  • Only industry-recommended Polyurethane (PU) adhesive, rather than silicone, is used when replacing and fixing windshields, ensuring safety.
  Better – We believe in ensuring better service each time. All personnel are Company-trained specialists
  • Specialist windshield replacement and repair services
  • Expert, safe and assured services at comparatively economical prices
  • Hassle-free claim procedure and cashless service due to Windshield Experts’ tie-ups with most insurance companies in India
  • One year warranty on windshield quality and workmanship
  • We are accessible, 365 days a year.

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