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April 22, 2016
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Today’s major problem is that every single thing we do is causing more damage than good to the environment. Without a helping hand, our planet, along with us will be ruined by our very own hands in no time. But with the advancement in modern technology, new innovations are on the rise which can save our planet and us from harm.

Climate change has sent the temperatures soaring to such an extent that driving during the summers in India can be really frustrating. However, with Solar Glass installed on your cars, driving in the scorching heat can be turned into a pleasant drive. This modern glass invention is essentially a combination of solar technology and standard window glass.


In such cases, if you are one of those who finds the heat frustrating, installing solar glass can be the ideal solution.  Unlike ordinary glass, solar glass is made from a special material to prevent heat transfer. Most of these windows are similar to their traditional counterparts; they are just as clear and usually allow the same amount of light.

What makes them different is that they don’t allow in the harmful UV radiation, which is the energy given off by the sun. This is achieved by an invisible coating that is applied to the glass before it is installed on your car. The solar glass that comes along with such a coating is permanent and designed to last a lifetime. By installing such glass you can reduce the heat absorption and furthermore improve your car’s insulation, resulting in reduced cooling needs. Another major benefit of using the modern solar glass is that it helps reduce fuel consumption and improves your car’s mileage.

Recently, Windshield Experts have come up with ‘Solarglas’ which can prevent the excessive heat. It can reduce the fuel consumption which in turn will prove good for the environment.

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