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The role of the windshield in a car is unparalleled. As the name suggests, it acts as a shield to the driver and contributes to maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle. A strong windshield is the most important safety requirement in a car as it is the first line of defense for the driver in the case of an accident.

While driving, the car is exposed to a variety of terrains. A windshield can require repair due to various causes. It may get chipped or cracked due to a piece of roadside debris or might get shattered in head-on collisions. Therefore, it is vital to take the next step, which is windshield replacement, carefully. When your car undergoes windshield installation, it becomes as good as new, but as the owner, you must perform careful post-installation checks to test the sturdiness of the glass.

After the windshield installation, you may be satisfied enough to drive off and forget about the replacement. However, you should follow certain precautions and aftercare procedures to ensure that you do not require another replacement. The windshield makes up to 60% of the overall cabin strength and demands to be fitted perfectly. Here’s your guide on how and what to check after installing a new windshield in your car.

 Inspect the Edges

The first and foremost step after getting a windshield installation done is to inspect the glass closely. Check the surroundings and edges to make sure that the windshield fits perfectly into the frame. An improper installation with loose edges can not only ask for another replacement soon but can act as a safety hazard. In the case of face-forward collisions, an improperly fitted windshield can fly inwards or break into harmful shards.

Check the Thickness and Tint

Many car owners who get a new windshield installation done ignore the aspects of the glass thickness and tint. These factors have a significant influence on the overall structure and aesthetics of the car. A high-quality glass installer will make sure that the windshield glass is adequately laminated and toughened to withstand high pressures. Moreover, the tint of the glass is also important. A low quality glass may have a dark pigment, which can greatly affect visibility while driving at night. The thickness of windshield glass also contributes greatly to its structural strength and rigidity.

Look for Bubbles and Irregularities

Fixing a windshield without perfection can cause problems in the future. Look for blemishes that suggest incorrect windshield installation. Irregularities like bubbles on the glass, peeled off tape, and gaps near the frame indicate that the technician has not performed the installation well. Inspect the edges to see if the adhesive looks old or dry, as this can cause the windshield to buckle under pressure. The appearance of bubbles and dried adhesive are tell-tale signs that reveal that the installation is not up to the mark.

Test the Car Seal

You can spot a rubber seal that holds the glass together in place. Make sure that this seal or mould is fitted well and supports the glass. This seal is also replaced and installed anew with the windshield glass. When you take the car for a drive after the initial resting period specified by the installer, you must not hear sounds of the wind whooshing past with closed windows. If you do, it suggests that there are gaps in the fixture or the seal has not been appropriately applied. Besides, do not remove the retention tape for at least twenty four hours post windshield installation. It helps the glass to set in its place without disturbance.

Keep an Eye Out For Other Disturbances

Once the glass has set, you can take your car for a spin. But during this test ride, keep your ears and eyes peeled for disturbances and discrepancies such as sounds of the glass rattling. Even the slightest of these imperfections should not be ignored, as they can cause major damage if not looked after in time. With that said, don’t put excessive pressure on a new windshield and go easy for the first one week or so.

The AIS Windshield Experts Advantage

If your car has gotten into an accident or developed minor cracks or chips recently, it is advisable to get the windshield glass repaired or replaced by trustworthy installers. Even a minor crack can get deeper due to high air pressure if you continue to drive. To get a brand new windshield installation done, contact AIS Windshield Experts.

Installing a windshield glass is a task that requires utmost technical proficiency. At AIS Windshield Experts, the technicians educate you on the best practices and install high-quality glass with skill and precision. AIS Windshield Experts is the industry leader that has carved a niche for itself. Moreover, we provide a one year written warranty on our products. Visit our website to know more and avail of doorstep services.

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