How To Protect Your Car From Getting A Sunstroke?


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With scorching summer temperatures capable of damaging vehicles, drivers require proactive maintenance and parking habits to preserve car health. However, with extensive precautions spanning tyres, batteries, ACs and more, identifying optimal actions proves overwhelming. This article simplifies key areas needing attention to ensure your car survives the season in peak operational condition.   Read on for a structured walkthrough of exterior and interior protection steps, AC and battery care, the importance of tune-ups, and miscellaneous preparations. Follow these comprehensive summarising guidelines so your drives remain reliable amid the challenging seasonal conditions ahead.

Getting Proactive with Exterior Protection

The very first layer of shielding paint from sun damage consists of protective waxes or ceramic coatings. Fresh wax jobs applied just before summer act as barriers reflecting intense heat. Well-sealed paint not only prevents fading but also maintains shine despite constant UV exposure.   Beyond aesthetics, monitor tyre inflation diligently as air expands in the heat, risking overpressure blowouts. Releasing just 2-3 psi prevents exceeding maximum load ratings as ambient temperatures climb. Rotating to fresh rubber before seasoned treads experience added warmth provides extra insurance.

Caring for Interiors in the Heat

When you park your car in direct sunlight, the temperature inside the cockpit can rise to 60 degrees Celsius. This can cause damage to your car's upholstery and dashboard. To prevent this, you can use silver car windshield sunshades to reject solar radiation and light seat covers to maintain tolerable comfort and preserve the factory textures. Additionally, you can lower the windows to allow ventilation, but make sure to consider security risks before doing so.

Summer AC System and Battery Care

It's summertime, and air conditioning systems have to work harder to maintain cool temperatures inside the car. If you want to make sure things are working well during summer, look at what's happening now and compare it to what happened in the past.   This will help you figure out if everything is running smoothly or if there's room for improvement. If you notice any difficulties in reaching desired temperatures or rapid changes in temperature, it's time to get the AC serviced. It's also important to check the coolant levels to support the hardworking ACs.   In addition, high temperatures under the hood can cause battery water to evaporate quickly and lead plates to fatigue. To ensure your battery is in good condition, it is important to monitor the load tester results to evaluate its charging capacity. If your battery is more than 2-3 years old, it's recommended to get a replacement.

The Importance of Off-Season Checkups

Skipping scheduled maintenance amplifies storm risks when underlying issues remain unaddressed, entering challenging summer conditions. Critical inspections include:  
  • Engine, transmission and hydraulic fluid changes and fills
  • Tensioning worn belts/chains
  • Inspecting hoses, seals and pressure caps
  Seeking professional multi-point inspections ensures identifying lurking problems early enough for car windshield repairs before suffering performance failures, not to mention costly damages.

Miscellaneous Summer Preparations

  • Filling tyres with nitrogen instead of air retains inflation pressures longer as the gas resists seeping through rubber over weeks.
  • Parking under structures, trees or covered areas helps maintain cooler cabins upon re-entry after sun exposure.
  • Storing snacks and beverages in insulated bags prevents spoiling and messy can explosions.
  • Adding roadside assistance coverage protects from breakdowns in remote areas under challenging conditions.
  • Opting for light paint colours when possible reduces thermal absorption versus dark colours.
  Following these proactive guidelines reduces hassles while keeping vehicles road-ready as temperatures rise. Stay one step ahead this summer!


Summer weather conditions can cause a lot of strain on cars. To ensure reliable performance all season long, investing time upfront in heat-proofing vehicles is important. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of seasonal maintenance tips for protecting cars. From tyres to ACs to batteries, follow these smart preparations to reduce the risk of challenging mileage and enjoy worry-free drives.   Get in touch with AIS Windshield Experts to repair and replace your windshield and your vehicle before the summer heat.            

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