How to Remove Wiper Scratches from Windshields?


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How To Remove Wiper Scratches from Windshields ?

Maintaining a clear and unobstructed view through a car windshield is crucial for safe driving. However, scratches on the windshield caused by wiper blades can greatly hinder visibility and compromise the structural integrity of the glass. Windshield scratch repair is essential to restore the windshield's clarity and ensure optimal driving conditions. Let’s explore effective methods and techniques to remove wiper scratches from car windshields. Whether the scratches are minor or more severe, implementing the right repair solutions can help eliminate imperfections and provide a clear line of sight for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

What Causes Wiper Scratches over a Period of Time?

Over time, wiper scratches can develop on car windshields due to a combination of factors.

  • One of the primary culprits is the friction generated between the wiper blades and the glass surface. Wiper blades are designed to remove dirt, debris, and water from the windshield but can also accumulate particles like sand, dust, and tiny rocks. When the wipers move across the windshield, these particles can get trapped between the blades and the glass, causing abrasive friction that leads to scratches.
  • Another factor contributing to wiper scratches is the deterioration of the wiper blades. As wiper blades age, they can become worn, cracked, or damaged. In such cases, the wiper blades' metal or hard plastic components can come into direct contact with the windshield, resulting in scratches.

To prevent more damage to your windshield and ensure good visibility while driving, it is necessary to deal with these issues quickly.

Ways to Prevent Wiper Windshield Scratches

Prevent windshield scratches is an easy process which can be done with only a little due diligence. Using these techniques will prevent scratches in your windshield and ensure clear visibility. Follow these steps to prevent scratches on your windshield:

  • Use clean water to wash your car glass and prevent hard water marks which can lead to poor visibility
  • Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe your windshield to prevent abrasion leading to scratches on the windshield
  • Keep replenishing fresh water in your windshield washers for a clean windshield for a great driving experience
  • Use good quality and trusted ingredient to clean the glass
  • Get your wipers checked every six months and replace them at regular period.

Remember, improper techniques or abrasive substances can worsen the scratches or cause further damage to the windshield. For the safest and most effective repair of scratches on your windshield wipers, it is recommended to seek AIS Windshield Experts’ professional assistance. We recommend a wiper change with each windshield replacement for a longer lasting windshield and an optimal driving experience.


It is crucial to prioritize seeking professional help when it comes to removing wiper windshield scratches. While various DIY methods are available, attempting to repair the scratches without the necessary expertise can lead to more damage. AIS Windshield Experts’ technicians possess the knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to assess and address windshield scratches effectively.

Contact AIS Windshield Experts for high-quality repair and maintenance services.

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