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Damaged windshields can be a sore to the eye. For car owners, this can be a real headache as it is a potential safety hazard. The reasons for such windshield damage are many – impact from a projectile, collision against an object, even temperature fluctuations.

Expansion and contraction of glass is directly linked to changes in air temperature. If there is a rapid increase in air temperature difference, inside and outside the car, your windshield glass will be impacted negatively. It causes the automotive glass to crack or chip under the stress. This harms the structural integrity of the glass and further aggravates safety concerns.

In this article, we explain the three common ways in which air temperature can affect your windshield.

The Interplay of Hot and Cool Air Temperatures

This is common knowledge - when it is hot outside, you want to cool the inside of the car. On the other hand, when it is cold outside, you want to warm up the inside of the car. For our utmost comfort, we often neglect the consequence of such rapid cooling and heating on the car’s windshield.

For most windshields, such temperature differentials can cause cracks, splits, and in some cases, even breakage. This happens owing to the nature of glass. In summers, when the heat is scorching, windshields warm up faster causing the glass to expand. So when cool air is blasted from the AC to lower the air temperature inside the car, it causes extreme stress on the windshield.

Similarly, during the winter months, the cool air outside also impacts the windshield. Under its effect, your windshield glass will contract. And if the windshield is warmed immediately, stress will accumulate on the glass surface causing extreme tension.

This is how glass behaves when subjected to high air temperature differentials. A rapid interplay of hot and cool air on the surface of windshield puts it under duress. In some cases, this may even lead to cracks or chips and cause irreparable damage to the windshield.

If the Air Is Carrying Moisture, Your Windshield may Fog up

Owing to differences in air temperature, windshield glass often fogs up. It can be a real menace for drivers as it decreases visibility. Fogged windshields obstruct the driver’s line-of-sight and cause difficulty in performing any car manoeuvres.

Two major reasons for windshield fogging are dirt and moist air. The difference in the temperature between the inside and the outside of the car can cause moisture to build upon the windshield. The condensation happening due to the difference in air temperatures causes the formation of small droplets that settle on the surface of the windshield.

Moreover, if the humidity levels in the air are high, fogging will occur indefinitely. Even the breaths of passengers sitting inside the car will be enough to cause windshield fogging. And when the windshield is dirty, the fog will settle more readily on the surface. If your windshield is steamed up with fog, driving will be extremely dangerous.

Impact on the Windshield Due to Atmospheric Pressure

Extreme differences in air temperature affect the windshield. Such air temperature differentials cause high atmospheric stress on the windshield surface, creating tension. In effect, this could lead to windshield blasts, cracks, chips, or breaks and give rise to safety fears.

Especially during a thunderstorm, the sudden change in air temperature can cause high wind pressure that can be damaging for windshields. The load on the surface of the windshield increases exponentially as the stress increases. Moreover, chances of small debris and flying objects hitting the automotive glass are also higher. In such instances, windshields are unable to sustain the impact.

Such stresses are also common in regions of high altitudes where hailstorms and snowfalls occur frequently. The high air temperature differentials during such storms can lead to increased wind deflections. Such deflections can impact the bindings on the windshield and make them falter.

In all such instances, windshield glass becomes vulnerable to cracks and breakage as even a mild gust of wind caused by air temperature differences, has a striking effect on the automotive glass.

In Summation

Regions that experience tropical weather conditions are more susceptible to extreme air temperature differentials. If you are living in such regions, you might be struggling with unreasonable windshield impairments. In that case, having a service provider at your doorstep can be a cherry on the cake.

AIS Windshield Experts offer quality automotive glass repair and replacement services wherever you are. Whenever in need of a windshield repair or replacement, contact our centralised toll-free number (1800-102-6364) to avail our doorstep facility. Our well-trained team of experts uses quality tools to provide hassle-free services. Having a presence in over 50+ cities via 90+ service centres also allows us to provide automotive glass services to a wider network of people.

Require windshield glass servicing? AIS Windshield Experts can help. For further information, get in touch with us today!

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