Importance of defogging, Windshield Experts

Importance of defogging!

December 23, 2016
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In winters we often drive with poor visibility from mist. Drivers in such situations cannot do much just wait and delay his travel. A defogger can act as escape to this problem. Learn to protect your car’s exterior before it can endanger your life and the life of passengers sitting in the car.

Car Defogging

The below mentioned tips, can help you to defog quickly and easily. Use dry cold air from outside the car and hot air from the car’s heating system. The basic recommendations are as follows:

  • As car’s heater act as the primary moisture absorbent, turn it on.
  • Around the same time, flip on the car’s air conditioning to make the air inside the car drier.
  • As you would actually want to have outside air coming into your car while you’re running the heat, it is better to turn the inside air circulation off.
  • Put down your side windows a little bit to bring in even colder, dry outside air.

After this, the ideal method is to apply hot air directly to the windshield. Depending on the temperature and the situation, the condensation is tackled on the windshield with different methods, keeping in mind that the windshield is not cracked in the process. However, the fastest way to defog a windshield is by lowering the inside temperature of the car so that the moisture stops condensing on the glass. In cold weather, turning on the defrost vent without heat or opening the windows of the car is the fastest way to dissipate the fog on the window. It may be the fastest way but sometimes it can be uncomfortable. It’s best reserved for situations wherein you need to see out and you find the window suddenly fogging up.

If you want a professional to look at your car during this time, go with those who are experienced and have the right knowledge. Windshield Experts is one such professional service provider, they are reliable and trusted among many car owners. So if you require any kind of assistance regarding your windshield, contact Windshield Experts on their toll-free number-1800-102-6364.



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