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Tips to Remove Fog from the Car Glass

June 4, 2020
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Toyota Car Windshield

As children, most of us have used our breath to fog up the car glass and draw caricatures just for fun. In those rare moments, cars would become our canvases. However, fogging of the car glass is no laughing matter.

Fogging of car glass is a common occurrence in automobiles. A car glass can fog up in both summer and winter seasons. On such occasions, it becomes difficult for drivers to manoeuvre the vehicle as their line-of-sight is obstructed. If driving under such conditions, it can be extremely dangerous as the safety of the occupants is compromised.

Why does the Car Glass Fog Up?

Generally, fog accumulates on the car glass surface when air of different temperatures meets together. So, when it is warmer, hot air from the outside will meet a cool windshield to fog up the car glass. Conversely, when it is cooler, cold air from the outside will meet a warm windshield to gather fog on the car glass. This can happen either inside or outside of the car glass. When the windows fog up, tiny droplets are collected on the glass window to form fog.

In some cases, car glass fogging can happen due to the occupants’ breath inside the vehicle with the windows closed. And if the defog setting of your car isn’t re-circulating the air, it will be difficult to get rid of the fog.

How to Remove Fog from the Windshield

Several methods can be employed to defog the car glass.

Using Windshield Wipers

If the outside of the car glass fogs up, windshield wipers are the most convenient option to remove it. Especially during warmer conditions, fog can gather on the outside of the glass. On such occasions, simply start the windshield wipers on the lowest setting until the entire fog clears up.

Controlling the AC Speed

Car glass can fog up during the summer season. If you’re facing such conditions, lowering the speed of the AC will bring the indoor temperature in line with the outdoor temperature and the fog will clear up. Or you can even turn on your car’s heating system on low to stop the moisture from condensing.

Cranking Up the Windows

During winters, you can air out the fog by cranking up the windows in your car. Simultaneously, reduce the heat down to create equilibrium between the outdoor temperature and the temperature inside the car. This will eliminate the fog gradually.

Furthermore, since the temperature and humidity is higher outside during summers, when compared to the interior of the vehicle, fog occurs on the outer surface of the car glass. In such a situation, opening up the front windows can clear up the fog.

Re-circulating the Air

Today, most cars come retrofitted with an air re-circulation system. Using this system, you can re-circulate the air inside the car to ensure that no fog settles on the surface of the car glass. When you turn the re-circulation system on, the car will pull in air from the outside and directly blow it into the interior without changing the temperature.  Once the temperature difference has been nullified, you can continue re-circulating the air that is within the car to maintain the anti-fogging effect.

Using the Defrost Vent

For windshield fogging, using the defrost vent with the cool air setting on is helpful. When the defrost vent passes cool air straight at the windshield, it can assist in equalising the windshield temperature with the temperature outside and in consequence, defog the car glass.

Keeping the Car Glass Clean

One not-so-obvious yet effective way to ensure that your car glass does not fog up is to keep it clean at all times. Condensation can accumulate readily on unclean glass. Therefore, regular upkeep of car glass can reduce the chances of fogging on the inside or outside of the glass.

Moreover, the easiest way to avoid car glass from fogging up is to roll down the windows whenever possible. Since outside air will be allowed inside, the air temperature will remain constant. This will prevent fogging of windshield and windows. Also, regular use of a vehicle’s defogger or defroster heat setting can stop frequent fogging. Furthermore, you can use ammonia-based cleaner to clean the inside of the car. It will remove any build-up of film on the car glass that can gather fog.

In Summation

Fogging of car glass can be frustrating as it can obstruct the driver’s vision. This is why it is recommended to understand the causes, solutions, and prevention measures of the phenomenon beforehand.

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