The Average Time Required to Repair Windshield Crack

Ever faced the dreadful incident when you were driving down the road only to see a crack on your windshield? Or worse, noticed that dot-sized nick on the windshield turn into a long 5-inch crack within a few hours? If so, you’re not alone. A car windshield, although made of extremely sturdy and durable materials, has the molecular structure of an ice cube. So, even though it is crucial in maintaining the car’s structural integrity during an accident, a simple chip or crack in the windshield can compromise its strength rendering it weak and prone to accidents.

Getting in your car only to see that your car windshield is damaged may not be the best start to the day but realising that you need to take time out of your jam-packed schedule to get it fixed can definitely ruin the day. Not knowing whether a quick repair will suffice or whether you will have to hand your car over for hours to get a windshield replacement can be nerve-wracking.

Several people lack awareness about the importance of a windshield in maintaining the car’s structural stability. Therefore, they tend to ask for details such as when to get a car windshield repaired and how much time it takes for the reparation process. And so, in this guide, we shall discuss the importance of a windshield, how to identify that it is time to repair a windshield as well as the duration of repair to simplify the process of dealing with a chipped or cracked windshield.

The Importance of a Sturdy Windshield

To several people, a windshield is simply a car accessory. But in reality, a windshield is a crucial component of every vehicle that protects the passengers from getting into any harm. In the event of a rollover accident, a genuine OEM windshield maintains 60% of the car’s integrity and acts as an extra cushion to prevent the passengers from getting thrown out of the car and injure themselves.  It is also responsible for absorbing 45% of the impact in case of a head-on collision.

As we can see, a windshield is extremely sturdy and protects passengers from getting into unfortunate accidents. However, its unique design and robustness are only limited to the time that the windshield is in top condition. A damaged windshield is incapable of sustaining such heavy pressure and will instantly crumble, thereby crushing the passengers. As a result, a windshield must be looked after carefully and repaired instantly in the event of chips or cracks.

When to Repair a Windshield

Now that you realise the importance of a windshield, you may head over to a reliable car repair shop to get it fixed. However, you may not know whether your windshield can be fixed by a quick repair or requires a total replacement. So, to determine this you need to perform a simple quarter test on your windshield.

However, before you do, you must remember that only chips and dents on the outer later qualify for a repair. A car windshield is made up of three layers - the outermost and innermost layer of glass sandwiched together by a special PVB (Poly Vinyl Butrayl) layer in between for maximum protection.

If the damage on your windshield is limited to the outer layer of the glass, it can be repaired. But, if the damage extends to the inner layer of glass as well, you need to get your windshield replaced. Moreover, a maximum of only two chips can be repaired. Anything beyond that, cracks included, cannot be repaired, and warrant a windshield replacement.

Duration of Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is a quick and easy process and the average time for a windshield repair is anywhere between 15-30 minutes. The best part about repairing a windshield is that it has zero downtime and you can go about your day with ease. That’s why, at AIS Windshield Experts, we have adopted the ‘Repair First’ policy. We understand that making time in your busy schedule can be stressful but with our unique repair technology, you can say goodbye to long waiting hours.

Repairing chipped windshields is our prime area of focus as it as a huge time-saving measure, helps salvage your original windshield to avoid unnecessary expenditures on replacement. And most importantly, it helps reduces the amount of wastage produced during windshield replacement, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and greener planet and ensuring environmental conservation. And there you have it - a complete guide on windshield repair. Now that you know all the details, it’s time for you to choose a trusted car repair expert who can cover all your windshield repair and replacement needs.

Looking for the best car repair services in town? Look no further than AIS Windshield Experts - the #1 windshield repair and replacement network in India. Thriving to provide the best service to our customers, we only use genuine OEM windshields, provide expert service by our highly-skilled and trained technicians and even offer a 1-year written warranty on our workmanship as well as materials used. So, get in touch and make us your one-stop-shop for all your car glass needs today!

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