The Cost of Replacing a Tata Nexon Windshield: What You Need to Know


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Windshield replacement
Do you need to replace the windshield of your Tata Nexon? It is essential to understand the cost of replacing a Tata Nexon windshield before making any decisions. The windshield is a crucial element for every car, as it protects the driver against damage from the front. Windshields also work as a supporting unit for the roof of the car; hence, it is crucial to give windshields a strong build.   These are some of the few reasons why all Tata cars have a stone like windshield that is not so easy to break. However, accidents can happen at any moment without giving the slightest signal and result in the car getting damaged along with the windshield, even if you have a Tata Nexon with you. However, there are certain things one needs to be aware of after getting done with the windshield replacement procedure done by windshield experts.  

Cost Of Windshield Replacement 

The cost of windshield replacement is directly connected to the amount of damage it has received. If there are minor cracks on the windshield, it can be repaired easily for under Rs. 500, but there are still chances for the windshield to get broken. The best solution is to pay a little more and get the windshield replaced.   The cost of replacing a Tata Nexon windshield varies depending on the service provider. Getting done with the replacement procedure with a reputed company can cost you about Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000. By investing this much money, you will be getting yourself a 1-year warranty that you can use for further replacement at cost-efficient rates. However, if you wish to save your investment in windshield replacement, you ought to keep your windshields safe using the following safety tips.

Safety tips to be followed 

  1. Give enough time for settling the windshield 

It is recommended that you do not drive your Nexon for at least a day after installation to avoid having to put money in your windshield repeatedly. Driving your car after installation will make the windshield prone to damage and result in it losing its grip. Your car getting into a speed breaker even at a fairly low speed can deliver damage to the Tata Nexon windshield. So, for the perfect windshield replacement procedure on your car, you need to get yourself to stop driving it for a day or two after the installation.
  1. Do not remove the tapes instantly 

Tapes work as a supporting unit during windshield replacement, and you should not remove the tapes for as long as the company suggests. Pressure washing can even cause damage to the tapes, resulting in them losing their grip. You are suggested to protect the tapes from damage for at least 3-4 days to assist them in fulfilling their task.
  1. Avoid getting your cash washed 

Managing the windshield replacement procedure is not as easy as it seems. The reason behind this is that water is likely to work against the part where the windshield is meant to stick permanently. All the washing products find their way into the gaps, thus making it challenging for the windshield to stay in place. So, it would be best to avoid washing your car for at least a week.
  1. Avoid rash driving 

When it comes to replacing the windshield, driving in an inappropriate way makes things even more complicated and will make it impossible for your windshield to settle properly. The chances of the windshield falling out of its place will rise if you do not drive it with care. So, if you wish to not invest repeatedly in windshield experts, you need to be as gentle as you can with driving.

Ending Note 

  Tata Nexon windshields indeed have a strong build, but it is still possible for them to get damaged at any moment or for any reason. As for the windshield, you should follow the above aftercare tips once you’re done with the replacement procedure for the best results.

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