The Cost of Windshield Replacement: How to Budget for It


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Windshield replacement is a necessary reality for car owners. Whether you've been in an accident, had your windshield cracked by a rogue rock, or just want to upgrade to a newer model, it's essential to be prepared for the cost of windshield repairs. Here we will explore how to budget for windshield replacement costs and what to consider before the repair. No need to stress about car glass repair - with the proper knowledge and preparation, this process can be painless and straightforward. So, buckle up and let's get ready for windshield replacement!   To understand the windshield replacement cost, it's vital that you first understand what the windshield is made of. Let's look at that first.

What is the Windshield Made of?  

  • Glass: Automotive glass is typically laminated safety glass, which consists of two or more layers of glass with a plastic layer in between. The plastic layer helps keep the windshield intact and prevents it from shattering during an accident or impact.
  • Tempered Glass: It is another type of automotive glass that is used to make rear windshields & body glass. Tempered glass is made by heating and cooling glass in a controlled environment. This process strengthens the glass, making it five times stronger than traditional laminated safety glass.
  Now that we understand windshields and the materials used to construct them, let's move on to the types of cracks that can be repaired.

The Cracks that can be Repaired 

  • Star Breaks: Star breaks occur when a rock or other object hits the windshield and leaves behind a radial pattern of cracks radiating outward from the point of impact. These can usually be repaired with special fillers injected into the cracks to seal them up.
  • Bullseye Breaks: A bullseye break is similar to a star break, except the cracks form concentric circles around the point of impact instead of being spread out radially. These, too, can often be repaired with special fillers, although sometimes an entire windshield replacement may be necessary depending on how big the damage is.
  • Cloverleaf Breaks: Finally, cloverleaf breaks are a pattern of four or more cracks that meet at one point and then spread out like the petals of a flower.
  It is imperative to note that long cracks or critical breaks cannot be repaired. The fitment of OEM products is possible in most cases.  

Factors Affecting Windshield Replacement Cost

  • Type of Vehicle

The type of vehicle you own will significantly affect windshield replacement costs. Luxury vehicles typically have more expensive windshields than economy models, so the repair cost can be much higher for luxury car owners.
  • Type of windshield 

The kind of windshield you need will greatly impact the cost of replacing your windshield. Windshields come in different grades and sizes, so it’s important to make sure you get the right one for your vehicle. Standard OEM windshields are typically more expensive than aftermarket versions, but they also tend to provide better protection and last longer. If you have a more expensive car, buying an OEM windshield will be worth it to ensure the best fit and protection. Also, for repairs, finding standard OEM fitments is easier than any other type.
  • Quality of Glass/Window Film Used

The quality of the glass or window film used to replace the windshield will also influence the overall price tag on windshield replacement costs. Higher-quality materials tend to cost more but offer better protection against the elements.
  • Type of glass

The type of glass used for the replacement can also greatly impact the cost. Premium-grade auto glass with special coatings or thermal treatments may be more expensive but may last longer and provide greater protection from UV rays, dirt, water, and debris. On the other hand, non OEM glass is usually cheaper but may not provide as much protection or durability. It is important to note that laminated glass is the approved version for windshields.   Trust the windshield experts at AIS Windshield for the best deals and prices on windshield replacement and car glass repairing. They have years of experience and expertise in windshield repair and replacement services, making them one of the most reliable choices for your windshield needs! Contact them today to get started on your windshield repair journey.


Windshields are complicated pieces of car glass that require specialized knowledge and expertise to repair or replace. Knowing the types of windshields, materials used to construct them, and factors affecting windshield replacement cost can help you make a more informed decision when it comes time to repair that windshield crack. For the best deals on windshield replacement, trust the experts at AIS Windshield.

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