Windshield Cracks

The Reason Why Windshield Cracks Spread

April 5, 2020
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Could there be anything worse than scurrying to your car on a busy Monday morning only to find an ugly crack sitting across its windshield? Such a situation on a day you’re running late for a corporate meeting is salt to injury. We all do our best to avoid windshield cracks, but these notorious mood-spoilers somehow manage to bypass our precautionary measures.

Now, windshield cracks can be a result of stones, debris, accidents, heavy tree branches, etc. However, do you know that cracks can steadily spread, becoming huge safety hazards? Let us find out what causes cracks on windshield in cars to spread –

Extreme Alterations in Temperature

The difference in the temperatures between the interior and exterior of your car can add pressure on your damaged windshield, causing the cracks or chips to get aggravated. When a windshield is exposed to direct sunlight for hours, it gets heated and tends to expand. This can cause the windshield crack to widen or spread quite considerably.

If you turn on the air conditioner after your car has been sitting under the sun, windshield cracks can expand. In the same way, if you turn on your heat on high and direct it at the cold windshield during winters, the cracks can spread. This is because glass tends to contract in cold weather and expand under hot temperatures, which is why if you expose your windshield crack to harsh weather conditions or extreme weather fluctuations, it will spread.

A Bumpy Ride

Driving on bumpy roads or over a pothole, shutting your car doors loudly or even slamming on brakes a little too harshly can make your windshield damage much worse. Speed bumps, sudden brakes, etc. put additional stress on your car that can lead to more spreading and worsening of the windshield crack. Even if the windshield crack is small, it can potentially expand to a great degree if you don’t get it handled by professionals and continue driving in a way that causes unnecessary jerks or movements.


Your windshield in car is made up of two sheets of glass with a layer of plastic in between. A crack, no matter how small, can trap moisture in between the layers, be it from rainfall, snowfall or a car wash. This can weaken the structural integrity of your windshield in car. Moreover, when the temperature drops, the moisture inside the crack freezes, causing internal pressure and worsening of the crack.


When dirt gets into the windshield crack, it can weaken the windshield’s structural integrity and compromise its strength. To avoid getting dirt into the windshield crack, you can put a piece of clear tape over the damage as a temporary solution till you get your windshield fixed. Keep in mind that the tape is just a temporary solution and it cannot in any way, fix the damage.

If you notice your windshield to be damaged then the best thing to do is to take it to a windshield expert at the earliest. Driving around with a damaged windshield can be a huge safety hazard.

Damaged Windshield: A Big Risk

The windshield in car is a vital safety component. It provides structural integrity to your car. Windshields in cars provide strength to your car roof by acting like a supportive beam. A damaged windshield can leave the roof of your car quite weak, increasing the chances of the car roof collapsing on you and crushing you in a rollover accident.

And in the event of a direct collision, the windshield is meant to minimise the harshness of the impact but a damaged windshield won’t be able to do so. Your windshield also assists in the proper deployment of airbags but if it is damaged, it will lead to failed airbag deployment. In the face of an accident, if you are not wearing seatbelts, a damaged windshield won’t be able to prevent you from being ejected out of the car. A windshield crack can easily reflect light into your eyes and can distract you, becoming a major hindrance to safe driving.

Simply put, a windshield that is not in a good condition can do more harm than good, which is why you should be proactive and take corrective measures to get your windshield restored without delay.

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