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The use of adhesives on windshield

August 5, 2016
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One of the most common and dangerous mistakes that people make while replacing a windshield is using the wrong type of adhesive. There are several materials like bathtub caulking or silicone which should be avoided completely. Currently, the products that are used to produce adhesives for windshields are Polyurethane, Silicon, Modified silicon, Butyrl and Acrylic. It is important to utilize strong adhesives and sealants to hold windshield glass in place.

But first it is important to understand the difference between adhesives and sealants. Adhesives are used to bind two different bodies together and sealants have chemicals that form a hard and water proof coating that fill gaps and prevent the entry of water. There are a few differences between Urethane (adhesive) and Silicone (sealant) which include:

  • Urethane is 90 times stronger than silicone.
  • Unlike urethane, has better prolongation and it gets softened by high temperature & humidity.

The few advantages of urethane are:-

In case of an accident or a collision, urethane prevents the windshield from coming off its frame. It also prevents the roof from caving in, when the car rolls over. For long-term durability, car makers use urethane adhesive to bond the windshield to the frame of the car. Adhesives are exposed to cold, heat, humidity, rain and salt air for years to verify long-term strength.

During windshield replacement, the right balance between the viscosity and thixotropy of the adhesives should be ensured. It should be made sure that these urethane adhesives should not leave little trails over the windshield. Professionals should be contacted for the use of accurate adhesives.  Windshield Experts undertake windshield replacement with accurate precision and use best quality adhesives for the car. Contact them on their toll free number-1800-102-6364.

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