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Types of Car Windshield Damages That Every Car Owner Must Know

March 4, 2020
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Windshield Damage

The one that stays on the frontline has the most to bear – be it the military or the windshield in car. Impact from dirt, debris, small and large stones, etc. are all too common and it is your car’s windshield that takes the brunt of them all.

You may not be able to avoid such unpredictable assaults but you can sure help your windshield heal – it’s important to get your windshield fixed at the earliest after it has been damaged. Whether you need to repair the windshield in car or replace it, this depends on the type of damage that your windshield has incurred.

Here’s everything that you as a car owner need to know about your damaged windshield in car –

Minor Chips

Whether a chip can be repaired or not, this depends on the chip’s size, location, and most importantly its severity. If the chip damage is restricted to the outer layer of the windshield glass, the damage can easily be fixed by a repair. Minor chips on your windshield that are about 40mm or smaller in size can be easily repaired by expert hands.

Here are some different types of chips that can damage the windshield in car –

Star Break

Shaped like a star, this type of chip damage has cracks of various lengths protruding from the point of contact. These chips, when left unattended, can spread and weaken the windshield, hence you should get it repaired immediately.


The half-moon chip is a half-circle in the middle. They can easily be fixed by windshield repair technicians.

Clover Leaf

This damage features a separation of the under-layer of the glass. This chip can also be prepared, provided you attend to it in a timely manner.

Bull’s Eye

This is the most common type of windshield chip. It is small in size and appears with a circular break and a pit in the centre. Under proper guidance, these can easily be fixed without much hassle.

Bee’s Wing

Similar to the star break, the bee’s wing chip can also be fixed by a well-trained technician.

Combination Break

This damage features a combination of different types of chips that were previously mentioned. The combination break is also repairable.

One thing that should be kept in mind while getting minor chips fixed is that at most two chips can only be repaired. Anything more than that warrants for a windshield glass replacement. Chips can be fixed easily, but if left unattended, they can become worse, wherein replacing the windshield becomes the only viable option.

Irreparable Chips

Repairing all types of chips on your windshield in car is not feasible. If the chip damage exceeds 40mm in diameter, a windshield replacement will be needed. Moreover, if the damage penetrates both the layer of your windshield glass then also a repair won’t suffice. A chip repair is also not an apt solution if the damage is in the driver’s line of sight. In these circumstances, it is best to opt for a windshield replacement.


If the crack ends or begins at the edge of the windshield, a windshield crack repair is not feasible as it will significantly affect the structural integrity of your vehicle. Cracks, no matter how small, can compromise the structural integrity of your car. Hence, instead of windshield crack repair, always opt for a replacement.


Dangers of a Damaged Windshield

Driving around with a damaged windshield in car is a major safety hazard. A chip or a crack directly in your line of vision can obstruct your view and hinder your driving. A damaged windshield can leave your car roof weak, increasing its chances of collapsing and crushing you and your fellow passengers in a rollover. A windshield functions as a shield of protection but a damaged windshield will not be able to bear the severity of a harsh impact in the event of a direct collision.

Your windshield assists in the proper deployment of front airbags but if it is damaged, airbags will not be deployed properly. In the event of an accident, if you are not wearing seatbelts, a damaged windshield won’t be able to prevent you from being thrown out of the car. Simply put, whether it is a chip or a crack, you must immediately get it repaired or replaced as the need may be, otherwise, you will be endangering your life as well as those of others.

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