Cracked Windshield

Types of Windshield Cracks that Everyone Should Know

November 12, 2020
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Did you know that only auto glass chips that are less than 40mm in diameter can be repaired? It might have come as news to you, but not all windshield damages are repairable. For this matter, you must seek professional help in case of a cracked windshield.

If the windshield integrity is compromised, it is imperative to consult auto glass experts without any postponement. Depending on the severity of the damage, the technician will suggest you get it repaired or replaced.

However, you may wonder why it is necessary for you to identify the types of windshield cracks. Windshields incur several chips and cracks due to several reasons. Knowing about the types of cracked windshield lets you gauge the extent of damage you are dealing with.  It will enable you to make an informed decision and to act swiftly as some cracks are more severe than the others.

Stress Crack

 Have you ever encountered a cracked windshield even when it has not suffered any known damage? Experts term this crack as a stress crack. The reason for the same can be sudden and extreme fluctuations in temperature or pressure. Glass windshields tend to expand under hot weather conditions and contract in cold weather. If the windshield is simultaneously subjected to both, the resultant is a cracked windshield. For instance, stress crack occurs when the car is overheated but with the air-conditioning on blast.

Other reasons that contribute to stress cracks include the age of the windshield glass. Old windshields are more susceptible to these kinds of cracks, and so, replacement is the advised remedy in such instances.

 Floater Crack

 This special crack is named so as it always occurs away from the edge of the windshield. A floater crack can be spotted in the middle of the windshield or at least two inches away from the windshield’s edge. This kind of damage extends across most of the cracked windshield, and thus, they usually have varying lengths. Floater cracks tend to spread very fast and therefore, need immediate attention.  A professional will determine the crack’s width and depth before prescribing a repair or a replacement. Besides, if a tiny floater crack is not in the driver’s line-of-vision, a trained technician can effectively tend to it.

 Crack Chips

 When small rocks or pebbles strike your car windshield, the kind of damage sustained by the windshield is called a crack chip. This damage is usually relatively minute and can be fully repaired by an expert. Moreover, chips are further divided into a number of types and determining the type is essential to take the appropriate repairing route.

Due to the tiny size of this damage, a majority of car owners often ignore it. Such cracked windshields are exceedingly vulnerable to developing more chips which may spread across the entire windshield over time. So, what can be corrected with a simple repair procedure might require replacement later.

 Edge Crack

 You can spot an edge crack within two inches of the windshield edge and usually extending and touching the edge. In fact, an edge crack is the contemporary of a floater crack. The length of these cracks varies between 10 to 12 inches in length. A cracked windshield with an edge crack needs to be replaced, and a new windshield has to be installed by expert technicians. It is not feasible to repair an edge crack as it compromises the original seal of the windshield. The chances of the windshield glass heighten, exposing you to the risk of further mishaps.

 Combination Break

A combination break is a common type of damage that any car windshield can sustain. Multiple cracks and chips on the car windshield are collectively known as a combination break or crack. The cause of the same can range from foreign objects to sharp particles to extreme temperature changes. However, the remedial solution for such cracked windshields is only determinable after a thorough examination of the sustained damage. Besides, it is possible to prevent a combination break by seeking timely, professional help. A repair should be enough to treat minute cracks, but when the damage aggravates, replacement is the only solution.

Cracked windshields constitute a significant safety threat to the driver, other occupants of the vehicle, and even the people driving in the vicinity of such a car. So, addressing the slightest chip or crack in the car windshield is crucial. Do not delay your service centre trip even when you spot a trivial crack on your auto windshield.

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