5 Ways to Help Avoid a Dead Car Battery During the Summer


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Car Battery Replacement
Hot summer weather is hard on car batteries. Extreme temperatures can degrade the components inside the battery, diminishing its ability to hold a charge. No one wants to find themselves stranded with a dead battery. Taking a few simple preventative steps and doing routine maintenance can keep your car battery running strong even on sweltering summer days. Here, we will highlight five easy ways to safeguard your battery during summer. With some diligence, you can avoid the headache of a dead battery during the sunny season. Let's get started.

Impact of Heat on Your Car Battery

When it gets scorching outside, the inside of a car can reach extremely high temperatures, too. This heat can damage the battery. Car batteries need fluid to make electricity. When a battery gets hot, the fluid evaporates faster. That means there's less fluid for producing electricity. The heat also warms up the metal plates inside the battery. These plates help make the electricity. If they get too hot, they stop working as well. So high heat causes two big problems:
  • The battery fluid disappears faster. Less fluid means less electricity.
  • The metal plates get damaged from the heat. They need help making electricity.
The battery has difficulty starting the car on hot days with both these issues. Sometimes, it won't start at all and needs a jump start.

Dead Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Following the car battery tips in summer is very crucial:
  • Keep It Cool
Park your car in the shade or a garage when possible. High heat wears down batteries. Keeping your car cool helps the battery last longer. You can also ask your mechanic about special battery cooling systems.
  • Go Easy on Electronics
Limit using phone chargers, music players, and other plug-in devices when driving short distances. They drain the battery if not driven long enough to recharge it. Only use them when driving longer or when the engine recharges the battery.
  • Use a Battery Charger
Get an at-home battery charger to keep your battery fully charged. Plug it in when parked at home or work. This keeps your battery in good shape between drives. It's an easy way to extend its life.
  • Take Longer Trips
Frequent short trips and extended time parked drain batteries in hot weather. Combine errands into longer drives of 20 minutes or more to give the charging system time to recharge as you go.
  • Get Regular Check-Ups
Have your mechanic inspect your battery before summer. They can test its charge and health to catch any issues early. Annual battery check-ups help avoid being left stranded by a dead battery. Staying on top of battery maintenance keeps your car ready all summer.

The Bottom Line

Protecting your car battery from the summer heat is crucial for reliable performance. Regular maintenance, proper charging, and mindful usage can prevent the inconvenience of a dead battery. If you need to do your car battery replacement, contact AIS Windshield Experts today and ensure your car is summer-ready!

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