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Open-air driving can be an enjoyable experience. Sunroofs, also called moonroofs, are openings in a car's roof that allow fresh air and sunlight into the cabin. They come in different styles like pop-up, slide-open, or panoramic. Beyond enjoying nice weather, sunroofs have some practical benefits too. They can vent hot interior air on sunny days. They also give a feeling of openness and let you stargaze at night. In the section below, we'll discuss in depth the role of sunroof in car.

The Purpose of a Sunroof

A sunroof, also known as a moonroof, is an opening in a vehicle's roof that allows light and air to enter the cabin. Sunroofs serve aesthetic and functional purposes - they make the interior feel more spacious and airy while allowing passengers to view the sky and enjoy breezes easily.

Types of Sunroof 

When looking for sunroof installation, there are different options to choose from such as:
  • Panoramic Sunroof
A panoramic sunroof is an extra-large opening, usually covering the entire roof from front to back seats. Made with a long piece of tinted or clear glass, panoramic sunroofs maximise views and brightness.
  • Pop-Up Sunroof 
Pop-up sunroofs have glass panels that can be tilted up for ventilation. Simple manual crank or motorised controls make it easy to adjust the angle as needed. These sunroofs don't fully open but allow some light and air in.
  • Solar Sunroof
More recent sunroof technology incorporates solar panels to passively ventilate the cabin while harnessing energy to power interior fans, lights, and other accessories.
  • Built-In Sunroof
This fixed type of sunroof doesn't open - it just has a section of glass built seamlessly into the roof. While ventilation and views are limited, the interior is brighter and roomier.
  • Folding Sunroof 
Folding sunroofs have panels made of canvas or a metal surface that slide down into the roof frame with the push of a button. Folded away, they leave a large open section over the front seats.
  • Moonroof
Despite the name, this type of sunroof is essentially the same thing. Moonroof is a more modern-sounding term some manufacturers use. There are both fixed and operable moonroofs.

Tips for Maintaining Your Car's Sunroof 

To keep your sunroof working smoothly while preventing issues like leaks, follow this maintenance advice:
  • Cleaning
Periodically clean the glass, seals, and tracks to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris that could clog drains. Glass cleaner and a soft brush help.
  • Inspect and Clear Debris  
Make sure the sunroof drains stay clear of leaves, dirt and other debris that cause water to back up.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts   
Keep hinges, arms and linkages working smoothly by applying silicone spray lube. This prevents grinding and sticking.
  • Analise and Replace Seals
Inspect the condition of seals around the roof opening, including moulding strips and weatherstripping, and replace worn pieces as needed.
  • Avoid Excessive Force  
When operating the sunroof, carefully follow directions and never force it open or closed harshly. Forcing against resistance can damage the entire system.
  • Professional Maintenance  
Technicians can perform an entire sunroof system inspection, identifying and addressing worn parts to prevent major repairs down the road.


For many drivers, easily opening their vehicle to fresh breezes and views makes everyday commutes more enjoyable. From panoramic glass tops to basic venting models, modern sunroofs offer customisable options. Properly maintaining seals, operation, and exterior glass prevents leaks and damage and keeps the sunroof working smoothly for years of cruising with open air overhead. Trust AIS Windshield Experts for professional maintenance and repairs to maintain your sunroof.

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