Cracked Windshield

Why Does My Car Windshield Crack Without A Reason?

October 15, 2020
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Car windshields can often crack for no apparent reason at all. You might wake up one fine morning and find a deep crack sitting on the windshield of your car and staring right at you. However, it isn’t a simple crack; there can be several underlying reasons for the damage. Some obvious reasons why you might have a cracked windshield are stones, debris, broken tree branches, a ball that a kid might have hit unintentionally towards your car, etc. These are all relatively simple and straightforward incidents that could cause your car to have a cracked windshield. However, there are other, less apparent reasons which could have been enough to cause damage to your windshield. Here are a few lesser-known reasons which can cause your windshield to crack for no “apparent” reason.

Changes in Temperature

Temperature changes can cause the windshield glass to expand and contract. Different portions of the glass heat up at different speeds, faster around the edges and slower in the middle. Due to this inconsistency, the glass expands and contracts at different rates. A crack could be triggered by washing a car with cold water during a sweltering day or by trying to defrost an icy windshield with hot water. Using a defroster or a car heater does not prevent this from happening either. Thermal expansion and contraction are one of the most common reasons for a cracked windshield.

Pressure Changes

Changes in pressure can be caused due to heavy storms and winds or putting heavy-weights on your windshield. These might be enough to make a stress crack appear on your windshield, seemingly out of nowhere. If a crack begins to appear on the edge of your windshield, it might not be immediately noticeable so that a crack might come as a surprise a few days later. You can also identify the difference between stress-related cracks and cracks due to impact by touching the centre of the crack. If the centre is smooth, the crack must have been caused due to stress.


Exposure to sunlight can cause the metal and other materials around the car to heat up. The edges of the glass heat up faster than the middle portion causing cracks to appear on the windshield. This could, however, be prevented by keeping the car in the shade.

Structural Defects

Your windshield might have manufacturing defects. Annealing of the glass during manufacture, might cause changes in pressure and result in stress cracks or residual stresses along the edges of the windshield. Due to this manufacturing defect, your windshield might have a structural weakness and would thus be prone to fractures and cracks.

Imperfections in the Glass

The glass installed in your vehicle might be defective. However, this might slip your eye completely because these defects can only be detected by professionals. This can cause a cracked windshield in your car without prior warning.

Poor Installation

Your windshield might be imperfectly installed, even if it was done by professionals in a factory. Although that might be a rare case, if something like that happened, vibrations due to a loose fit might cause stress on the glass, leading to a cracked windshield.

Mechanical Stress Loading

Excessive body-flex or distortions in the structure of the car can cause mechanical stress loading. This can happen due to improper lifting of the vehicle with a floor jack which might twist the body of the car excessively. This might cause the windshield of your car to crack.

Prior Minor Damages

A tiny chip or a hairline fracture on your windshield might expand with time, causing cracks to appear on the glass’ surface. The small cracks might get bigger, and with sufficient diagonal chassis twisting, there might be enough displacement to lead to a cracked windshield.

Past Accidents

If your car had been in an accident in the past, it could have caused stress to the internal structure of your car. The windshield of a car provides structural support to the car, and the accident might reduce the strength of the windshield. It might not have been visible for a while after the accident, but with time, cracks could appear on the glass due to the weakening of the structural integrity of the windshield. This could especially happen if the car is not properly repaired after the accident. Uneven forces on the windshield and the slightest of stress, like running the car fast over a speed bump, could trigger the windscreen to crack.

A cracked windshield calls for immediate professional help. Since the windshield of a car is the most important safety feature of the car and provides structural integrity to the car, it should be fixed as soon as possible. To avoid faulty installation, it is best to seek professional help and opt for the very best windshield repair services. AIS Windshield Experts is India’s largest automotive safety glass repair and replacement network in India. We are the only company in India providing chip repairing services on car windshields. Our 80+ centres over 45 cities provide fast, safe and professional service with well-trained professionals and top-of-the-line equipment. We also give a 1-year extended warranty on our products and workmanship. So, if you have a cracked windshield and need immediate assistance, get in touch with AIS Windshield Experts today!

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