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Windshields with Nano-coating technology

February 11, 2016
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Driving on country roads on a rainy day can be soothing. You are able to view the beautifullandscapes and it definitely gives happiness to the soul. At times you may not be able to enjoy the front view and one of the reasons for this could be your windshield. Probably, the quality of the windshield might have worn out, resulting in providing a blurred view. The quality of the windshield worn out due to dust particles that sticks to it, the raindrops that ultimately becomes a spot, pollution, etc.


All these can be resolved with the latest nano-coating technology. It represents the latest technology for driving safety, as proven by research institutes, which concluded that a hydrophobic coating applied on a glass surface can improve a driver visual perception by over 34% and his response time by 25% and there’s even more advantages to be had:

  • Helps you easily wipe off wet bird droppings and bugs, or peel them off when dry
  • Reducing the build up of dirt on your car – so that it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often
  • Gives your windshield a protective barrier – Retards environmental attack, reduces scratching
  • Optically clear – Light transmission of >98%
  • Durable – lasts up to a year with a single coat and thousands of windshield wiper cycles

Driving in bad weather is now safer than ever, because the coating is set on your windscreen when you need it most, long after it has been applied. It not only improves night vision and wet weather visibility as good as, or better than conventional products, but adds to the durability segment as well.

Windshield Experts introduces Clarity Defender PLUSNano-coating Say hello to cutting-edge nanotechnology that repels water, and say goodbye to bad visibility.See the rainwater; literally, ‘run off’ your windshield as you drive down the road in the rain.

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