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Apart from windshield repair & replacement in Sangrur, Punjab, our team also provides FASTag, sunroof services, wiper blade replacement, and many more. We also offer a significant lineup of car care products to foster vehicle performance and maintenance.
Your windshield may need to be replaced if you discover chips that could eventually lead to a significant break; otherwise, if your car has just sustained minor windshield damage, windshield repair may be necessary. In both cases, consulting AIS windshield glass repair in Sangrur, Punjab, can be helpful.
We run a thorough analysis using specialized tools to find out whether your car needs a repair or a replacement. Our experts will also run a “repair first” assessment in case the problem can be repaired. If not, our standout technicians will use power-packed tools to replace the windshield as per the requirements.
Ensure your safety by leaving car glass replacement to our experienced technicians. Attempting to replace it yourself can be dangerous. Our experts have the knowledge and training to handle glass cracks with care and safety precautions. Trust us for the best car glass replacement solution.
At AIS Windshield Experts Sangrur, we prioritize assessing the damage before recommending a solution. Repairing a windshield is typically more cost-effective than replacing it altogether. Contact us for reliable and affordable solutions for all your windshield needs.
Yes. Our experts can provide comprehensive assistance when you are looking to receive an insurance claim for windshield replacement in Sangrur, Punjab. Make sure to provide the necessary documents as per our requirements so we can provide a hassle-free claim for your vehicle insurance.
Yes! All our services fall under a warranty period of 1 year. During this time, if you face any hindrance pertaining to our services, we will provide free-of-cost repair and replacement services for them on time.

About AIS Windshield Experts In Sangrur

With a network of 100+ conveniently located service centres across 60+ cities with a fleet of mobile vans, AIS Windshield Experts, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is India’s largest automotive glass repair and replacement company. AIS Windshield Experts is a preferred choice of car owners, insurance companies, and fleets.



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