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4 Reasons Why You Need Acoustic Glass for Your Car

May 3, 2018
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The car’s windshield, along with rest of the auto glass in the car, plays a key role in shielding you from the noise outside your vehicle. With the ideal noise level positioned at 25 dB, and traffic and outside noises hitting 70 dB and above, it’s important to have an acoustic system in your car that protects your auditory senses from any damage or stress. A crack in the window glass or windshield should immediately be addressed with glass repair or replacement. After all, a cracked glass lowers your car’s ability to block out all noises that could harm your senses, eventually affecting your health.

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Technology in today’s time focuses on creating efficient glass solutions that tackle noise penetration by the sound of car’s engine, air, and other external factors. With acoustic laminated glass, the drop in the noise levels inside your car is very much noticeable. This can lead to lower stress levels, better concentration, and a better mood. Acoustic glass is the perfect solution if you need for Maruti car glass replacement irrespective of the model and make. The benefits are aplenty:

1. Optimises sound levels

Windshields with acoustic glazing are effective in considerably reducing the sounds, thereby reducing discomfort for the one driving as well as the passengers in the car.  A smart acoustic glass is effective in dulling the noise enough to not let it affect the passenger adversely, and at the same lets the external noises such as horns, sirens audible to keep the driver alert of the external surroundings.

2. Protects the passenger in case of glass breakage

Considering an accident, the windshield can crack into large shards on brutal impact. A layer of acoustic vinyl is effective in protecting the passenger from these shards of glass. The acoustic vinyl layer creates a thin, yet firm barrier that protects the broken glass from falling inwards.

3. Improves fuel efficiency

It reduces the dependence on a thick windshield glass for your car. The specialized PVB interlayer creates an efficient glass that is equivalent to a thick noise-proofing windshield. The reduced weight helps cut down on carbon emissions of the vehicle thereby improves fuel efficiency.

4. Prevents break-ins

The acoustic interlayer also helps defer any break-in attempts made by damaging the windshield as the layer holds the glass in place. This can be extremely supportive since it increases your chances to call for help and thereby preventing theft. This property makes acoustic glass suitable for Hyundai, Tata, Ford or Maruti auto glass replacement.

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