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DIY tips to Remove Stickers from your Auto Glass

May 16, 2018
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can also leave your car looking shabby in case you are unable to take it off completely. The stickers which can bother you the most are usually the ones which have been placed on your glass without your knowledge displaying unwanted advertisements.

Tata Safari WindshieldThe right technique is necessary while removing a sticker or you might end up causing damage to the windshield. The cost of windshield replacement differs for each car and model. For example, Tata Nano glass price is considerably cheaper a Tata Safari windshield. The list of required ingredients and materials required to remove stickers is as follows:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Liquid fabric softener
  • Paper towels
  • Dish soap and warm water
  • Plastic scraper
  • A bucket and some rags

Here’s the step by step guide to help you ease the process:

1. Peel diagonally – peeling diagonally from a corner ensures that the sticker doesn’t come off in pieces.  Using a plastic scraper is highly recommended in case the sticker tears off in the process.

2. Use soapy water to take care of the stubborn adhesive – Dip a rag in a bucket filled with dish wash and warm water and keep it on your car glass where the left-over adhesive still remains. After soaking the adhesive for some time, use a plastic scraper or rag to remove the adhesive remnants. Follow the next step in case, the adhesive still doesn’t wipe off completely.

3. Take the help of fabric softener – Dip a rag in a bucket full of hot water and liquid fabric softener and rub it rigorously on the adhesive remains.

4. Put razor into action – Use a straight razor blade just in case you’ve still been unsuccessful in getting rid of the sticker remains. Be more careful while using the razor blade which you can easily find at an automobile spare parts shop or hardware store. Make sure that you don’t scratch your car with the blade or you might end up causing some serious damage to your auto glass.

5. Use smoking alcohol – Soak the adhesive with rubbing alcohol and wipe it clean using a paper towel.  Keep calm and do follow the next step to give your car a polished finish.\

6. Rinse it off: – Polishing your car after thoroughly rinsing it with clean water is the final step to achieve a shiny clean look. Wait till the glass is dry before using polish on the surface of your glass.

Follow all these steps to maintain the look of your car. No matter how trendy a sticker is, you will eventually get bored of it after some time and might want to get it removed from your car. So, you’d be better off leaving your Chevrolet Tavera or Tata Sumo front glass free of any kind of stickers except for the necessary ones.

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