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There is much more to your car besides its powerful battery and efficient engine. Driving is enhanced by a combination of driver-assistance, safety, interior and exterior decorative features. One of the most significant components of your vehicle is its auto glass.

Auto glass is of different types and is incorporated into the vehicle as car front glass or windshield, rear windscreen, windows and sometimes a glass roof. All of these maintain the structural integrity of your car and act in conjunction with the safety system to protect the passengers and the driver in case of a rollover accident.

Although stronger than regular glass, car glass is prone to chips and cracks. Read on to find out what causes car glass damage and how you can avoid having a damaged windshield or window -


One of the most common reasons for car front glass damage is the impact due to rocks and stones. The tyres of other cars flung road debris your way, some of which might even include large-sized rocks and stones. As these make a sudden impact with your car’s windshield, cracks and minor chips can occur. Driving behind a lorry loaded with concrete or other construction material might also cause this.

To avoid such situations, leave sufficient space ahead of you while driving, especially while on an empty road where vehicles are running at higher speeds.

Car Accident

Road accidents, from the minor to the deadly kinds, are highly common an can occur anytime and anywhere. More often than not, the impact of such accidents is entirely borne by its windshield. Depending upon the intensity of the collision, minor chips to deep-seated cracks may appear on your auto glass’ surface. Though your car front glass will not shatter into injurious glass pieces, the damage still calls for immediate repair or replacement.

Temperature Fluctuations

Most objects expand or contract with the surrounding temperature changes and the same applies for your car front glass. Heat makes auto glass expand, while cold weather makes it contract. Even though most windshields are designed to withstand the thermal strain, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can cause repeated expansion or contraction, thereby leading to the formation of cracks.

Temperature fluctuations is a natural phenomenon, and therefore uncontrollable. However, if you are careful enough not to leave your car parked in the open on hot or cold days, you should be able to protect your auto glass for the most part. Also, ensure that you do not defrost your windshield with boiling water on a cold morning and do not suddenly lower the temperature inside your car using the air-conditioner during the warmer months.

Improper Installation

Stress cracks on the edges a car front glass can occur because of faulty installation. Sometimes, due to the use of inadequate replacement equipment or mis-handling by untrained staff, gaps appear in between the windshield glass and its frame. As the car is driven, the windshield vibrates, and the gaps intensify. Over time, the structural integrity of the car front glass is compromised, and it develops cracks out of the blue.

To ensure that you do not risk your safety because of an improperly installed windshield, approach only trusted replacement professionals like AIS Windshield Experts.

After installation too, if you feel a swooshing, vibrating, or rattling sound while driving, contact your replacement company immediately. Incorrectly installed windshield sometimes also leads to light distortion or blurriness.

Low-Quality Glass

Auto glass is typically laminated. For example, your windshield has a middle poly-vinyl butyral layer that sandwiches the two glass panes together. So, in case of an impact, your windshield glass does not break into sharp shards but sticks onto the PVB interlayer.

When car front glass replacement is carried out, the concerned professionals must use original products from OEM-graded companies. Using low-quality glass is a cheap tactic to lure customers by offering low prices. However, this can cause you later problems as low-quality glass cracks very easily and does not support safety functions adequately. Always choose a replacement company that uses genuine glass and adhesives from trusted brands to repair and replace your car glass.

AIS Windshield Experts: Your One-Stop Source for Car Glass Woes

AIS Windshield Experts is a strategic business unit of Asahi India Glass Ltd. and specialises in repairing and replacing different types of auto glass. We attend to a broad range of car models from various brands and use high-quality and genuine auto glass to replace your damaged one. Our well-trained technicians use premium-quality polyurethane to mend or replace your damaged windshield and will render you 360-degree support. Prioritising customer comfort, we offer a one-year warranty on all our products and services.

Our Pan-India presence ensures easy access to customers, and in case you cannot reach us, we even offer doorstep windshield repair and replacement services.

For a quick and hassle-free repair or replacement for your car front glass, drive to our conveniently-located service centres or give us a call at 1800-102-6364 and we will reach you where you are! Contact us today.

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