5 Simple Ways to Maintain the Car Windshield


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Windshields are designed primarily for safety purposes. They provide structural support to the roof of the vehicle apart from acting as a barrier against the unwanted elements on the road. Essentially, they ensure comfort and protect the passengers. A simple swipe of a dirty cloth is not enough to maintain this irreplaceable component. If damaged, the integrity of the car front glass is compromised and must be replaced or repaired immediately. Follow these 5 simple ways to maintain the windshield:

Maintain cracked windshield 1. Park indoors The harmful rays of the sun are extremely detrimental to the windshield. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can reduce a windshield’s lifespan and therefore, you are advised to park your car indoors or in the shade. Just like any solid that expands when exposed to heat and contracts in cold weathers, drastic temperature changes have the same effects on the windshield. These sudden shifts of temperature can render the windshield brittle, which might eventually incur cracks. The windshield can be spared these torments simply by parking indoors. 2. Clean the windshield with quality products Cleaning the car front glass regularly is important for obvious reasons. However, do not use ammonia-based products as they can harm its surface. All high-quality products available for windshield maintenance have an ‘ammonia-free’ label. Moreover, household cleaners might not be effective enough to remove tough elements like bug remains and bird droppings. Always use micro-fibre towel/ cloth to wipe or clean the windshield. It doesn’t leave streaks and doesn’t form scratches that gradually reduce visibility. 3. Maintain the wiper The importance of windshield wipers cannot be stressed enough. A significant amount of scratches is caused due to faulty wipers. Wipers are subject to harsh weather conditions and deteriorate with time even when not in use. The blades wear out with time as dust and debris get stuck in them and eventually start malfunctioning. The wiper unable to properly clean the windshield is the most obvious sign of damage. Therefore, you must clean the wiper blades with windshield wiper fluid thoroughly and get them replaced every 6 months to a year. 4. Don’t slam the doors Though cars are quite sturdy, but they are not impervious to impact. Slamming the car doors creates a significant impact, which is transferred to the windshield in the form of vibrations. While it is hard for the windshield to incur damage due to the slamming of doors, it is possible. Moreover, any damage however minor or major will grow with these vibrations. Next time you feel like slamming the door when you’re in a hurry, think again and shut it without using excessive force. 5. Think windshield repair Small rocks hitting the windshield is common and one of them might chip or crack it. Modern technologies have made it possible to get these small damages repaired. As it goes with slamming doors, driving also creates impact and the damage will expand if you don’t get it repaired soon. Damage in the line of sight of the driver must not be ignored under any circumstances as it might lead to accidents. A damaged windshield fails to support the roof of the car as it should during a roll-over accident. Moreover, it hinders airbag deployment as well. In case the windshield cannot be repaired, consult a professional windshield company for a replacement. Drive carefully and follow the traffic rules to avoid mishaps. Call Windshield Experts at 1800-102-6364 to inquire about windshield glass replacement and repair.

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