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Think Windshield Repair before Replacement

November 15, 2018
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Being meticulous in maintenance of your car is always a wonderful idea which will ensure that your keen eye never misses out on any damage which might hide in plain sight. This is especially true for auto glass such as the windshield which is more prone to accidental damage, however major and minor. Such damage could range from chips to huge cracks in the glass surface, and on first glance, glass replacement might seem like the viable option.

However, when it comes to damaged windshield or auto glass, the first instinct should always be to consider repair before glass replacement. For the best course of action post windshield damage, we recommend you always consult technical professionals from Windshield Experts who can help save you major costs on your auto glass with a ‘Repair First’ philosophy.

Yes, damaged glass can be repaired

Safety Glass Repair

A few years back, auto glass repair might not have been a viable possibility. However, advances in science and technology have brought us the option of repairing a windshield rather than going straight for replacement. Isn’t this wonderful news?

As the first and only auto glass repair service in India, Windshield Experts understands that if the damaged auto glass is brought to their inspection in time, repair is not only possible but also a priority. Only in the event that repair would not be enough to ensure the safety of the car or its occupants is glass replacement advised.

Through years of practice and developing expertise, Windshield Experts has chalked out a Repair First philosophy which is in tune with international automotive safety glass repair standards. Here is a list of the different types of impacts/cracks that can be repaired, depending upon their intensity and extent, of course

  • Bee’s wing
  • Clover leaf
  • Bull’s eye
  • Combination break
  • Star break
  • Half moon

Apart from the cracks, minor chips can also be easily repaired. Windshield Experts has also identified various repair-permissible zones on a car windscreen to give you a better idea of when repair is possible and when it is not.

Benefits of ‘Repair First’ policy

It’s not just the cost that you will save on by getting your auto glass repaired. The benefits of auto glass repair with Windshield Experts are quite far-reaching! Once you drop your car at a workshop, the technicians perform a quick inspection and damage diagnosis to advise you that repair is possible – something which you might not have considered. Thereafter, it takes no time to restore your car’s auto glass back to square one.

So, what does ‘Repair First’ bring to your table?

  • Cost-saving & affordable
  • Cashless claim transactions for ultimate convenience
  • Preserves the structural integrity of the originally installed windscreen
  • Eco-friendly option as cracked windshields invariably find themselves dumped in landfills
  • Time saving and convenient
  • Advanced technology, top of the line repair equipment & international repair protocols
  • Trained & experienced professionals
  • Safe & reliable
  • Doorstep delivery of repaired car
  • 1-year written warranty on workmanship & materials used

Move over unnecessary windshield replacement. Windshield Experts ‘Repair First’ policy is here.

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