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5 Steps – Replacing your Audi Windshield

June 22, 2018
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When I talk about cars, Audis are my favorite. They help you to curate a personality of your own. With a defined look, luxury, comfort, and proper safety provisions, there is no doubt that Audi makes the perfect car. I own an Audi A4 and from cleaning to changing parts, I do it all. In this article, I will provide you with a step by step guide on how to change the car glass all by yourself.

Audi Windshield
There are a few pieces of equipment that you should keep handy before starting the Audi windscreen replacement: mask tape, paper, sharp knife, screwdriver, sealant, cloth and a helper to position the windscreen. It is not a strenuous activity for the ones who live and breathe cars just like me, but if you are not sure it is better to take it to a service center for the replacement.

Detach the Parts

First, remove all the objects that can come in the way of the job. The windscreen wipers, rear-view mirrors or any other components of the car should be removed. Use duct tape and newspapers to cover the air vents so that no unwanted materials do not enter them during the replacement process.

Check the Windscreen Rubber

Scrutinize the rubber of the glass and look for damaged areas. If the rubber is damaged it needs to be changed along with the windscreen. To remove the rubber, place a sharp and pointy object like a screwdriver or a knife in the top corner to make an incision and then pull it accordingly.

Remove the Glass

Now the only thing that is holding the windscreen is its own weight. You can easily push it out from the inside of the car. You ask the helper to hold the windshield. The glass is a bit heavy so caution should be observed as it can shatter if dropped or even scratch the bonnet.

Get the Frame and the Glass ready

Before putting the windscreen back on, clean the frame. Now set up the old windscreen rubber with the new glass carefully around the edges. Always prefer buying a genuine Audi windscreen as they are more compatible and durable. Auto glass prices for Audi will depend on your car’s model and make. Follow the process with applying sealant on the outside edge of the rubber and then place it gently back on the frame. Wipe off the extra sealant with a cloth and wait till it dries off.

Fitting the windscreen

This is where you’ll need the helper to assist you as the windshield is heavy. Pick the windshield with the helper and gently place it on the frame. Apply some pressure on the edges so that the adhesive spreads properly to seal the bond. If the sealant pops out from the edges, use a cloth to wipe it off. Finally, leave the bond to dry out and make sure that the windscreen doesn’t come in contact with water for a few hours.

However, if you have never done it before, you should not venture to change it yourself. Instead take to experts who will replace the Audi windshield in no time at all.

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