5 Signs that the Windshield was not Installed Properly


By  AIS Windshield Experts

Category:  Windshield Replacement Doorstep Facility

Cars are valuable to us and we believe in taking proper care of them. It is not only the looks but the safety that matters as well. Accidents occur when we ignore the safety warnings and decide to take things for granted. From car front glass to its engine, everything requires proper attention. Did you know that a damaged windshield can increase the chance of a fatal accidents? An inaptly installed windshield poses many threats. Having a keen eye for details can save you from dangers. Listed below are a few signs you should look for if you reckon that the windshield has not been installed properly:

Installed Windshield Properly Leaks Check for leaks on the edges of the windshield. If you hear a whooshing sound of air inside the car and it is not coming from an open window, then it is most probably because of gaps on the edges of the windshield. It might not be a huge issue at first but getting it repaired before anything happens is a prudent choice. During rains, water might also drip inside from the edges. So, if you witness installation issues, contact your service provider. The services provider must take responsibility and provide the necessary solution. For example, you can get the subsequent Audi auto glass replacement for free if you immediately report any installation issue. Blurred vision If you see wavy patterns while looking out of your car’s windscreen, then most probably it was not installed properly. This type of issue occurs when the windshield gets shifted from its original place. The shift is so small that you can hardly notice just by looking at it. The technicians weren’t wearing gloves It is mandatory to wear gloves while replacing a windshield. Any professional service provider will obey this conventional norm. Oil from a technician’s hand can easily affect the urethane used for installing the windshield. It will hinder the effectiveness of the adhesive and can create problems later. Most certified service providers always wear nitrile gloves for Audi windshield replacement. Old adhesive was not removed While replacing a windshield, it is mandatory to scrap off the old adhesive and apply a new one. The old adhesive does not allow the windshield to fit to the frame and seal it completely. The new layer of urethane should be given some time to dry off before the car can hit the roads again.

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