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Changing Windshield wipers to Avoid Auto Glass Repair

July 10, 2018
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Windshield wipers play a significant role in ensuring the safety of your auto glass. They not only keep your windscreen clean but also save you from spending on auto glass repair.  Moreover, if you have dirty windshield, the chances of scratches is quite high. While windshield wipers are necessary component of every windshield, keeping them longer than required is something you must avoid. Worn out car wiper blades can cause scratches and affect visibility. Hence changing your windshield wipers every 6 months is essential. Here is how you can do it:

auto glass repair

Measuring and buying the blades

Wiper blades are basically the rubber assembly of your windshield wipers. The wiper arms are something different. Changing your windshield wipers basically means replacing the damaged rubber assembly.  If your notice any cracks or tears in the rubber, it’s time for replacement.  It is important to take correct measurement before going to purchase the new ones. Do not forget to take the measurement of both the wipers individually as they often have different lengths.

Removing the rubber blades

To remove the rubber blades efficiently, follow the following steps-

  • Raise the arm of your wiper up and away from the windshield.  Also keep a soft towel on your windshield to avoid damage just in case the wiper snaps back on the windshield.
  • Look out for the joint which connects the wiper arm to the rubber assembly. You will find a small tab which you must push in order to unlock the joint.
  • Using your other hand, hit down on the rubber assembly carefully. This will help you free the wiper blade form the wiper arm hook.

If your wiper arm has a pin instead, just unfasten the lock above the pin and pull the pin out of the hole.

Installing new blades

Similarly you can install new blades by sliding them into the hook end. You need to keep adjusting the wiper blades until they are properly in place. When you hear the hook snap, be sure that the wiper blades are secure and in right place. In case of a pin instead of hook, simply push the lock up and secure the pin in the hole. Push the lock down finally to secure the wiper blades efficiently.

Never ignore worn out wiper blades and change them immediately to avoid damaging your Swift or Ertiga front glass due to faulty action of your old wiper blades. Follow all the guidelines carefully to change your wiper blades or go for professional help. Professions have the right knowledge, skills and tools to do the procedure in best possible manner.

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