5 Tips to Protect Your Windshield from Rain


By  AIS Windshield Experts

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Every driver, no matter how skilled, knows what a challenge it can be to drive safely through the rains. After all, skills are bootless when fate rests in the hands of Mother Nature. With the view constantly being blocked and dirt settling on your windshield, it’s the measures you take ahead of time that will help you overcome a drencher. The first step in doing so is ensuring that your windshield in car is ready to endure another bout of heavy monsoons. But, unless we know the vital purpose a windshield serves, it’s difficult to work towards its proper maintenance.  Importance of windshield The windshield in car is probably one of the most vital safety features. Though its original purpose is to keep the wind off your face, protect you from rain and street dirt, and provide clear visibility while driving, there are other important purposes unknown to a lot of us. A windscreen also renders structural integrity to your car’s roof and is essential in absorbing the impact of airbags in the event of an accident. Hence, driving with a chipped or cracked windshield is not a trivial matter as it not only puts money at stake, but human lives. And the risk of accidents is especially higher during monsoons due to self-evident reasons. Through the proper maintenance of your windshield, you not only ensure your own safety, but that of those present with you in the vehicle. Below are five tips to protect your windshield in car when it pours - 
  1. Invest in good wiper blades
To protect your windshield glass from rain, invest in good wiper blades. Choose blades that provide even pressure or else they will fail to make a clean sweep and leave streaks. This will damage the windshield glass and shorten its lifespan. Moreover, do not wait until the eleventh hour for a replacement. These blades need to be replaced in regular intervals, about three to four times annually. The best time to check and have your wipers replaced is before the downpour season. After all, no rain proofing product alone does the trick. 
  1. Maintain optimum washer fluid levels
Windshield washer fluid, also known as washer fluid, is a mix of alcohol, solvents, water, and detergent. It is formulated to dissolve grime and wash away dirt that collects on your windshield. In the monsoons, when insects are to be found aplenty, the washer fluid prevents them from collecting on your windshield glass. It is important to regularly check the washer fluid levels as it plays a key role in maintaining the windshield glass. In case your car's running short of it, call a mechanic and get it refilled to optimum levels. 
  1. Properly inspect for any cracks
Your car's windshield constantly bears the assaults of debris, hail, rocks and other pollutants. There could be times when the impact is damaging enough to lead to small cracks. These small cracks, when left unattended, lead to larger ones, big enough to allow dirt and water to house in. If this happens, the only alternative would be to replace the windshield. So, it’s better to regularly inspect and repair windshield cracks. The ideal is to be on the safe side. AIS Windshield Experts offers rain sensor windscreens that automatically activate on sensing downpour. Moreover, the windscreens come with a water repellent glass coating that does not allow pesky water droplets to settle, offering maximum visibility while driving. 
  1. Technique matters
Applying a rainproofing product on the glass is a wise move but don’t forget to pay close attention to the technique of application. Before you apply the rainproofing product, clean the glass with an ammonia-based window cleaner and thoroughly rinse off all ammonia before drying the glass with a clean microfiber towel. Then, apply the waterproofing film as per the instructions. This will guarantee performance. Now, all you need to do is regularly inspect the product for wears and tears.
  1. Check the weatherstripping
The weatherstripping of your car's doors and windows is made of rubber, designed to seal the openings in order to protect from rain and pollutants. But the weatherstrip gradually deteriorates with time, following which, water can seep through and enter the car. If you’re able to hear the sound of rain pretty clearly even when the windows are shut or you find your car's interiors damp after driving in heavy rain, it could indicate that some weatherstrips are in need of replacement. Improper weatherstripping can lead to fogging up of the windshield, which can result in permanent damage.  It’s hard to drive safe when your visibility is compromised. Protect your windshield glass from the rains for maximum visibility on the road. For any windshield-related issues, help is only a call away! Reach out to Windshield Experts, your one-stop solution to all windshield glass problems. You can contact any one of our 90+ centres spread across 50+ cities in India and get help with windshield repair or replacement.

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