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Your windshield - that double-layered glass conjoined by means of a strong vinyl - is a robust piece of equipment but often yields to rash driving, bad weather conditions, and other factors outside your control. Maybe a rock or two hit your windshield or a naughty kid’s cricket ball landed on it, and now there's a visible blemish on the glass that will wreak havoc on visibility and your pocket. While you may think replacement is the only way to go, take a moment to consider the alternative – windshield glass repair. So, let's find out why auto glass repair is important, how it works, and where you can get your windshield glass repaired online.  Why Have Your Auto Glass Repaired? Auto glass repair or windshield glass repair is the process of repairing minor chips or damages borne by a car's windshield in order to restore it to its original untarnished state. Even if your windshield has suffered a small crack, it is better to act early than be sorry later. Here are a number of good reasons you should not delay windshield glass repair -
  • Economical
If you act promptly, you can easily get windshield glass repair, the cost of which is typically covered in insurance. This cost is nowhere close to the cost of an actual windshield glass replacement.
  • Convenient
Windshield glass repair takes around an hour or so, whereas windshield glass replacement can take up to three hours.
  • Eco-friendly Approach
Repairing the windshield will extend its longevity, thereby keeping it from contributing to landfill and a burden on the environment.
  • Safety Hazard
A chipped windshield is not a trivial matter. The problem isn’t as simple as an obstructed view; it could have far more serious consequences. The fact of the matter is that the windshield contributes to the structural integrity of a vehicle. In the event of an accident, a windshield helps in supporting the roof, proper deployment of the airbags, and preventing the people inside from thrown off the vehicle. Hence, a crack should be repaired right away and must not be taken lightly.
  • Traffic Violation
Finally, if the traffic police ever finds you driving with a windshield chip larger than an inch, you will be asked to pay a fine. So, the choice is yours to make. Is delaying windshield repair worth the hassle of violation of law? Getting your windshield repaired is important to stay safe at all times.  How Long Does Auto Glass Repair Take? The time taken to perform windshield glass repair will vary depending upon the number of chips and their location. On an average, the entire process should be completed with within 45 minutes to an hour. But, this is subject to the condition that the glass be completely dry at the time of visiting the service centre.  What to Expect After Auto Glass Repair? After the process of windshield glass repair has been performed, it is normal for the glass to have a slightly scarred appearance. The purpose of repairing the glass is to seal the glass so as to prevent the chip from spreading, and hence, saving the cost of windshield glass replacement. But, you can rest assured that the blotched appearance will only be noticeable on careful observation and will in no way affect visibility while driving. Moreover, no extensive aftercare is required since the epoxy resin has a minimum curing time. And since the repaired area is polished following the curing, you are free from performing additional aftercare. The Process of Auto Glass Repair The first step of the complex process of windshield glass repair is a thorough cleansing of the chipped area, following which a special resin is filled in the cavity to seal the glass. This special resin is produced as a result of advanced technology. The sealing or curing is then done with the help of ultraviolet light (UV) rays. Following this, the glass is restored to its former state of structural integrity and visibility.  To Repair or Replace While a windshield glass repair process is certainly helpful to fix cracks, it can be performed only to a certain extent, beyond which the only alternative is glass replacement. Auto glass repair cannot be performed in the following cases –
  • Only up to two chips can be repaired beyond which the windshield glass needs to be replaced
  • Getting the windshield glass repaired is not recommended for damages that have penetrated both the glass layers
  • Damage to the poly-vinyl butrayal layer that has rendered the glass irreparable
  • If the crack is found at the edges of the glass, repair is not advisable as the integrity of the glass will be compromised
  • If the same spot has been chipped twice, windshield glass repair will not be possible and the only option will be windshield glass replacement
  • If the damage is incurred at a spot directly in the line of sight of the driver, the glass has to be replaced 
To Self-Repair or Seek Professional Help If you’re sceptical as to whether a windshield can be repaired at home, know that professional work is always better as it is a reliable and robust solution. Moreover, repairs are performed by professionals after proper training and experience and hence, must not be tried at home. Hence, it is better to seek professional help for windshield glass repair. Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Auto Glass Repair Company You may feel tempted to get your windshield repaired at the nearest service centre but considering the expertise fixing a windshield takes, you don’t want just about anyone doing it. Ask the following questions before choosing a windshield glass repair company online.
  • Are the Technicians Certified and Trained for the Job?
Simply having high-quality products means nothing if the technicians using them are incompetent. A lack of proper training could cost you a new windshield. Therefore, it would be wise to inquire after the technicians’ credentials and training, especially regarding adhesives (as different adhesives often have different curing temperatures). Reliable glass companies will train their technicians for at least a period of one year before they are permitted to repair and install windshields unsupervised.
  • Which Adhesive is Used to Accomplish the Task?
Since the adhesive will be responsible for preventing the crack from spreading, ensuring that the company uses a strong and relevant adhesive is of utmost importance. If your windshield is frequently exposed to rain, using a waterproof marine adhesive will extend the life of the repair. Moreover, adhesives have a faster curing time for warm and humid temperatures and the curing time increases with the decline in temperature. Technicians must, therefore, be trained in the different weather-specific methods that need to be adopted regarding adhesives. So, make sure that your technician is certified by the adhesive manufacturer.
  • What is the Expected Drive-away Time?
The safe drive-away time is the time period that the adhesive will take to completely cure. If you drive your vehicle away before the adhesive has properly cured, and get into a crash or your windshield suffers any sort of damage, the seal will break. This can widen the chip or worse, disjoint the windshield. The minimum drive-away time depends upon the type of adhesive used, temperature, and humidity. Though a lot of adhesive companies boast of a curing time as low as 30 to 45 minutes, there are others that require several hours to cure. If your technician has been certified by the adhesive manufacturer, he will be aware of the curing time of a particular adhesive.
  • Are the Company's Services Mobile?
Calamity never blows a trumpet prior to its occurrence. It is likely for you to be in circumstances where you are unable to visit the service centre of your choice to get your windshield repaired. Hence, it is important to choose a company willing to come to your doorstep for windshield glass repair. This will save you a precious amount of time driving to the centre, which may further worsen the condition of the auto glass. Especially if your vehicle is not in a condition to be driven anywhere, you certainly need technicians to come to you.  Professional Help for Auto Glass Repair Online If your windshield glass' condition does not meet the self-repair criteria, have experts to come to your windshield's rescue. At AIS Windshield Experts, we are ready to meet all your windshield glass repair needs with our cutting-edge equipment, trained experts, and ground-breaking practices. Plus, if you simply cannot reach us, we can reach you no matter where you are. So, let go of your worries and reach out to us online in a jiffy. Contact us today and get windshield glass repair services at your doorstep.

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  1. Victoria Addington says:

    Thanks for helping me find a reliable auto glass repair company. Apparently, I had no idea how I got those cracks on my windshield, which is why I’d like to have it checked by a professional. With that considered, I shall then inquire about the technicians’ credentials and training on adhesives to see if they are qualified to do repairs or replacements.

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