5 Ways to Take Care of Your Car Windshield During Corona


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Car Windshield Guide: Everyone Should Know

COVID-19 has taken the entire world by storm. The pandemic has exceedingly disrupted the routine life of everyone around the globe. Besides, the coronavirus-induced lockdowns have brought the lives of thousands to an unprecedented standstill and triggered the ‘work from home’ or ‘WFH’ culture. As a consequence of the WFH trend, your vehicle lies unused in your parking space.

But have you considered keeping a check on the condition of your car during the lockdown? What if your vehicle does not work and bails out on you at the last minute during an emergency? Thus, you must invest some time on looking after your car during this lockdown period. Here are five simple yet essential tips and ways to take due care of your vehicle during corona.

Get the Engine Moving to Run Battery Checks

Amongst all the electronic parts of your vehicle, the car battery is most prone to adversities when left unattended for days altogether. And, the easiest way to avoid a dead battery is to drive your car at regular intervals.

The car battery tends to discharge on its own when the car stays stationary for a long time. Not just the battery, but other mechanical components of the vehicle tend to dry out when it has been parked for so long. This can be exceedingly damaging to your car, on the whole.  Take your car for a spin after every few days to maintain the lubrication of its moving parts and to ensure battery checks.

Keep a Check on the Car Tyres 

The car tyres are vulnerable to losing pressure when the car is out of function for a long time. The weight of the car tends to cause flat spots in places where the rubber of the tyre meets the floor. A flat tyre is the result and can be troublesome when you are heading out in a hurry. Moreover, you can save on the trouble of replacing the tyres with flat spots with routine upkeep. So, it is advisable to keep a check on the car tyres and to maintain optimum pressure at all times.

Consider driving your vehicle at regular intervals; say every week, to prevent such situations. Besides, frequently getting your car moving holds more than a few benefits for your car at large.

Let the Interiors of Your Car Breathe 

On normal days, your car used to get sufficient ventilation from the air-conditioning as well as the open windows. However, as your car stands parked in your parking lot for an extended period, the interiors of your vehicle remain suffocated. Any foul smell or smelly particle that might have gotten trapped can aggravate the smell manifolds. The simplest way to tackle this situation is to clean the car interiors thoroughly. Further, it would help if you adequately disinfected the internal gears such as the steering wheel, dashboard, stereo, and seats from time to time. 

Look for Potential Chips and Cracks in the Car Windshield 

Your car windshield might get damaged due to the lockdown situation. Car windshields are sturdy but are still vulnerable to injuries from a number of external factors, debris and dust being the major ones. So, to ensure a long life of your car windshield, it is crucial to check for any potential damage. A slight chip can spiral into an enormous crack, the repair or replacement of which can be an expensive affair. So, be stringent in looking after the condition of your vehicle’s windshield as it is responsible for ensuring its structural integrity. 

Keep Your Car under Covers 

A substantial amount of dust and dirt accumulate over the vehicle over time when it remains unattended. It can be damaging to the windshield, glass windows, and the paint of the car. So, to avoid such situations, consider using a car cover.

If the car remains stranded for an extended period, the car windshield could incur damage, resulting in chips and cracks. In the long run, a windshield crack can pose a considerable risk to your safety and that of your co-passengers. Thus, a covering will prevent the car windshield from getting subjected to direct and continuous assaults from debris, insects, pebbles, and even harsh rains. Additionally, other window glasses and the paint remain intact with the help of a cover. 

When you encounter any auto glass issue, such as a cracked or chipped car windshield, AIS Windshield Experts is always at your service. Our world-class auto glass repair and replacement services are cost-effective and exceedingly efficient. We offer quality services with a guaranteed fast and safe solution for car glass repair or replacement. Drive in to your nearest AIS Windshield Experts service centre and get rid of any and every auto glass-related issue. You can even opt for our doorstep auto glass services. So, contact us today!

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