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Cars are getting more complex with time. Latest cars come with the latest innovative technology, but some things have not changed. One of those things is the car window. The car window gives your vehicle a structural identity as well as integrity. It also provides security to passengers from unwanted mishaps. Unlike other complex components of a car, a window is a straightforward one, though the care and repair that is needed for the window are not as simple as the window itself. A lot of careful decisions go into handling the car window. There are many aspects to consider during the replacement or repair of the window. Many people ignore these aspects blatantly and have to pay the price for their neglect and oblivion. Asking the right questions can help you a lot in understanding the process of how a carglass is handled. Here are the top five FAQs answered to help you to make the right decision when it comes to your car’s windshield.

What Causes Cracks or Chips in Car Glass Windows?

Windshields protect you from objects coming your way while driving – think debris, dirt, hail, bird droppings, tree branches, etc. Damage caused by said objects is one of the commonest reasons for a chipped or cracked carglass. Rocks and loose gravel on the road might hit the glass due to vehicles in your car’s vicinity. Other factors for windshield damage include improper installation of the car window, vibrations while driving, extreme alterations in temperature, sweltering heat, etc.

Should I Go for a Repair or a Replacement?

Money can be a major influencer and can tamper with our decision-making process. Many people get stuck in a dilemma if the carglass needs to be replaced or repaired. Sometimes, people prefer repair over replacement to save their hard-earned money. But this can put the life of their loved ones and their own in grave danger. On the other hand, there are people who get their car glass replaced even if a quick repair would have solved the problem. This leads to them getting ripped off jnnnnnnjnn’    their hard-earned money. In both cases, you are at a loss of either life or capital.

A simple rule of thumb can help you make the right decision and keep you from losing your money. On an average, chips that are 40 mm or lesser in diameter can be easily repaired by professional technicians. Moreover, only two such chips can be repaired provided neither of them lies directly on the driver’s line-of-sight. Anything above and beyond it tends to warrant a replacement. On the other hand, cracks compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle to a significant extent, and hence, warrant a replacement. However, reliable professionals must be consulted for assessing the extent of the damage and prescribing a solution accordingly.

How to Choose a Car Glass Company?

This particular question has made a lot of people scratch their heads. A carglass replacement or repair can be a pricey affair. The last thing you wish for is the service to not be value-for-money. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you enquire about the quality of the services provided by the company before giving them the responsibility of handling your carglass window.

The technicians who do this complex job should be well-trained with the equipment as well as the adhesive. Besides quizzing the technicians on their credentials and training, you can also check for honest reviews online and personally consult with friends and family.

How Much Time Does it Take to Replace or Repair Car Glass?

Windshield repair generally takes between 20-30 minutes. The time may vary depending on the severity of the damage and customer traffic. It is advised to fix an appointment with the company.

In the case of a carglass replacement, the time taken is much more than a repair. A replacement generally takes between 50-60 minutes. The time also depends on the technicians working on the window. A well-trained technician can do the job much efficiently and take less time in installing the car window as compared to a novice.

Another time-consuming factor in replacement is the “safe drive-away time.” This is the time required for the adhesive to dry properly. The safe drive-away time depends on multiple factors like temperature, precipitation, type of adhesive used, etc. A technician who is accredited by the adhesive manufacturer and is well-trained will most definitely know the accurate, safe drive-away time after which it is safe for you to drive your car home.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost?

The cost of carglass repair or replacement may or may not be covered by your insurance company. This totally depends on the type of package you have opted for. Premium insurance packages offer 100% coverage. Standard insurance packages may cover the cost but charge a deductible fee for filing a claim.

Facing any car glass-related woe? Consult with the industry experts – AIS Windshield Experts! We specialise in treating all kinds of carglass issues and are the largest automotive glass repair and replacement network in the country. Our well-trained team of professionals is available in centres across 45 Indian cities and also for door-to-door service; choose the one you want based on your schedule and convenience. Get in touch today!

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