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From tropical in the south and central part to temperate and alpine in the North, India is home to a variety of climatic regions. Each climatic region experiences a wide variety of seasons in a year. While you make adjustments to accommodate each season by changing the type of clothes you wear or installing heating and cooling systems, do not ignore your car.

As a temperature sensitive component, the windshield in car is significantly affected by temperature or moisture changes. To understand how different Indian seasons affect your windshield and what you can do to care for it, read on!


Indian summers are scorching hot and usually very humid. In Northern India, temperatures can reach close to 50 degrees Celsius, while southern non-coastal regions remain extremely hot as well. The harsh sun does not inflict direct damage on the windshield in car; it can cause the car to heat up. In such cases, as you enter the car and turn on the air-conditioner, the sudden temperature change can cause expansion or contraction. If there is already a small chip or crack present on the windscreen, it might worsen due to the temperature fluctuations.

Tips to Follow

In summers, do not immediately turn your air-conditioner to an incredibly low temperature upon entering your car. Lower the fan speed or temperature speed of your car's AC gradually to prevent sudden fluctuations.

Never park your car directly under the sun. Parking it in a shaded space or even under a tree will prevent the windshield from heating up too much.

If there is already minor damage on your windshield, try not to slam your car door forcefully as you enter or exit it. Sudden pressure changes can deepen chips and elongate windshield cracks.


Almost all regions of India experience rainfall either in late summers or winters. The moisture content in the atmosphere does not render any damage to the windshield in car. However, constant rains and thunderstorms reduce visibility and require you to use your windshield wipers continuously, causing scratches on the screen.

Tips to Follow

Monsoon can entail bumpy or flooded roads in some regions of the country. Avoid them as best as you can to prevent pre-present windshield cracks from worsening.

Since rains already decrease visibility, try to keep the interiors of the windshield as clean as possible. Use either a glass cleaner or professional services to regularly clean your windshield in car.

During torrential rains or hailstorms, avoid driving if possible. This will not only keep your windshield safe from hail-induced chips, but is also a good safety measure.


Winter is one of the harshest seasons for the windshield in car. The freezing temperatures make the glass extremely cold and cause it to contract rapidly. This can cause new chips and cracks and worsen existing ones. Moreover, snow and hailstorms can cause impact-related damage. Accidents are also common in snow-ridden areas of northern India, and car accidents almost always entail windshield damage.

Tips to Follow

Just like a sudden contact with cold air of the AC is harmful to the windshield in car, a rapid blast of hot air from the heater is fatal too. Even if your car is extremely cold, do not turn the heater on to a high temperature. Increasing the heat level of the defroster or heater gradually will allow the windshield enough time to adjust to the temperature change.

Never use boiling water to defrost the windshield or remove ice from it. Doing so may cause immediate breakage. Instead, use a wiper or a specialised defroster.


Autumn does not entail extreme temperatures and is usually a welcome relief from excruciating summers. However, as trees dry up during this season, the falling of branches can be devastating for your windshield in car.

Tips to Follow

Drive carefully to steer clear of falling branches, stones or rocks.

The Fall is the perfect season to get your windshield in car repair or replaced. Windshield cracks usually worsen during winter, and having them fixed in the autumn will allow you to avail of warranties that come with a newly replaced windshield in case of damage. Moreover, a new windshield will also be more resistant to snow and moisture. Make sure to approach AIS Windshield Experts during autumn to have your windshield fixed before winter arrives.

Regardless of the seasons, fostering a windshield crack or chip for long can be dangerous. In case you see any damage to your windshield glass, drive to AIS Windshield Experts service centers or call for a doorstep replacement service. At AIS Windshield Experts, we follow a ‘Repair First’ policy, suggesting replacement in dire cases only. Our experts are trained to handle windshield repairs and replacements of all car models and use only genuine products designed by Asahi India Glass Limited to replace your existing windscreen. Our quick turnaround time, world-class products and warranted services are meant to ensure maximum client satisfaction and keep you free of any hassle.

Be it summer or winter, come to AIS Windshield Experts for an easy windshield repair or replacement service. Get in touch today!

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