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Acoustic Windshields: A revolution in itself!

April 15, 2016
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The already busy and fast life has become even more disturbing because of the noise around. When you are in the office, on the road or in your living room, noise constantly follows you. People usually are very sensitive to noise. Even one is asleep, the human ear remains sensitive and hence, we should avoid being exposed to noise levels in more than 25 dB. Although it is easy to make this statement, it is a lot more difficult to implement in practice. Heavily trafficked roads often have noise levels of around 70 dB and even purely residential areas frequently reach noise levels of over 40 dB.

When driving, noise can be caused due to the wind, road or engine. The latest weapon in the battle against noise is acoustic glass. A recent breakthrough in glass technology is making a significant dent in the amount of noise that reaches occupants. The acoustic windshield uses a sheet of specially developed acoustic vinyl, sandwiched between two layers of glass. It reduces noise levels by as much as 6 dB at certain frequencies and 2 to 3 dB overall.

Not only do acoustic windshields reduce noise, they also contribute to better fuel economy. The noise reduction properties of the laminated technology offset the need for thicker and heavier glass. If an acoustic windshield needs to be replaced, look carefully for the manufacturer’s trade name. The word “acoustic” or the letter “A” in the lower portion of the windshield will ensure you are getting the best quality acoustic glass.

At Windshield Experts, the sound proof glass we use is essentially a laminated glass, featuring a PVB interlayer with excellent sound-absorption properties. When compared to ordinary 5mm glass, acoustic glass reduces noise by up to 90% i.e. an additional 60% more that its counterpart. With such glass, you can drive comfortably.

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