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Auto Glass Manufacturers and Replacement Experts

There comes a time in every car owner’s life when they need a true-blue auto glass replacement or repair expert. In several cases, your auto glass service provider may very well be the manufacturer. If you are scouting the market for a suitable windshield replacement or repair company, here are the five questions that you must ask them. These questions will help you spot the difference between the good ones from the sub-standard service providers.

#1 Have Your Technicians Received Specific Training for Installing Windshields?
Auto glass replacement or repair may seem like just another task in the long list of mechanical chores for vehicle care, but they’re not. This job is complicated – one that must only be done by people who have received specific training and certification. Therefore, when shopping around for an auto glass replacement or repair company, make sure to ask them the following questions.

How much on-the-job experience do your technicians have?

How were they trained?

How many hours per week do they spend on the job and what about training regarding newer adhesives and windshield repair/replacement techniques?

Also, keep an ear out that the company has well trained technicians. There may be several rookie players that have self-certified poorly trained people.

#2 Was Special Training Awarded for Particular Glue Types?

Your windshield is stuck to the frame using an adhesive. An adhesive is a type of powerful glue that holds the windshield in place, especially in the unfortunate event of an accident. Since this material creates a bond that holds windshields together, technicians must know how much and which type to use.

Several adhesive manufacturers also educate and train auto glass replacement companies on the benefits and usage methods of their product for proper windshield replacement. For instance, there are several types of adhesives available in the market. Some of them can only be used at specific temperatures. Receiving proper training and education by the manufacturer can ensure that their product is used correctly. Also, the adhesive application is a critical part of automotive windshield replacement, because if not appropriately applied, the windscreen can detach during an impact or develop multiple cracks.

A big part of getting an effective and robust windshield for your car lies in its installation. And, an adhesive-trained technician knows the optimal temperature and quantity of the material to apply, thus ensuring a safe and stable auto glass replacement.

Remember that warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels mean faster curing time for adhesives. In simple terms, curing means drying. Therefore, a quick curing time means faster drive-away time. But, this also means that you must find a skilled and experienced replacement technician who can work quickly to replace your car’s front window.

#3 What Kind of Warranty and Assurance Can I Get?

A verbal promise of quality means very little when it comes to repairing an automotive component as critical as your windscreen. Therefore, always enquire about the kind of written warranty your auto glass replacement company can offer. A reliable car glass expert will often take pride in their work and will show it by providing customers with an additional written warranty on workmanship. This assurance on craftsmanship will likely be different from the part warranty. You must get both – part and workmanship warranty.

Make sure to ask your auto glass replacement expert about their workmanship warranty policy. If they have one, you can choose them, if they don’t then it is better to find another auto glass replacement company.

A workmanship warranty will generally cover the water or air leaks in your windscreen. These are usually a sign of sloppy installation, but if they are covered under warranty, you can return to the shop to claim a replacement and have the said issues rectified.

#4 When Can I Use My Vehicle after a Replacement?

You must always ask your service provider about the minimum safe drive-away time. This term signifies the necessary period required for the windshield adhesive to cure. Knowing this is of critical importance because if the adhesive is not adequately cured, you run the risk of detaching your windshield and getting hurt, in case you meet with even a minor accident.

The minimum drive-away time for each car entirely depends on the type of adhesive used by the technician. A reputed company will educate you on the dos and don’ts of treating your new windshield and how you must keep it away from rain or moisture as that thwarts the curing process. There exist a few adhesives which provide a minimum drive-away time that is as low as only thirty minutes, while several others will require your vehicle to be parked for several hours after it is fixed. This broad time range is determined by several factors, such as the adhesive type, temperature, precipitation, etc.

Therefore, if a technician is an expert, they will know precisely how long your windshield needs to cure. Various auto glass replacement experts will go a step further and add extra time before they hand over your vehicle. But, all cases considered, be wary of those companies whose answer to the question of minimum-drive away time is “immediate.”

#5 Do You Offer Doorstep Services?

Let’s face it! Most of us lead busy lives and don’t have enough time to accommodate automotive repairs of such a significant nature. Does that mean we delay the replacement or repair of such a critical part of our car? Not at all! This is why make sure you shortlist auto glass replacement expert after asking them whether they offer their services off-site.

When we say off-site, it does not just mean door-to-door delivery and installation. You often cannot plan a windscreen emergency. It can happen anywhere and at any time. For instance, you might meet with a minor accident which fills your windscreen with cracks. While the windshield may still be intact or held within the frame, you barely have hours or a couple of days before it falls into little bits onto your seat. In such a scenario or other similar cases, it is impossible to drive your vehicle to the auto glass replacement expert’s service centre. This is where a mobile windshield service comes in handy.

Therefore, before choosing a company for car glass care, have an extensive chat about their off-site infrastructure. The point of quizzing them is not only to find out if they have a mobile windshield service but also if they carry the entire spectrum of tools and equipment which they would use if you had wheeled into their repair centre. After all, a mobile windshield fix will cost you the same as an on-site repair or replacement.

Parting Thoughts

While these are the top five questions you should ask your auto glass replacement company, you can expand your knowledge base by voicing a few additional concerns as given below.

Can you tell me about all the other services your company provides?

Typically, what car models and brands have you serviced in the past?

Do you work according to OEM stipulations for each vehicle model?

How old is your organization?

The more you quiz the service provider, the easier it will be for you to gauge their confidence level after each question. Once you are satisfied with all the answers, exercise your choice. It might be ideal to have an auto glass replacement specialist’s number on your speed dial list for those unforeseen mishaps.

Are you looking for exceptional automotive windshield services, but haven’t found one that ticks all the boxes? If so, then turn to AIS Windshield Experts! We are India’s largest auto glass repair and replacement network that offers vehicle detailing services with the help of 90+ service centres fanned across 50+ cities. Our technicians are professionally-trained and receive regular education on any new techniques and technologies for auto glass replacement and repair.

We have been working in this industry for several years and pride ourselves on high-quality jobs, which is why our squad offers an extended one-year written warranty on workmanship and materials used. If you cannot make it into one of our service centres, don’t fret! We provide our bouquet of services at your chosen location and time of day.

Over the years, AIS Windshield Experts has developed an expertise in dealing with a host of automotive brands – from Maruti to Mercedes. We are masters at providing and installing OEM-specified windshields for your vehicle.

So, what are you waiting for? To make the most of our gamut of products and services, get in touch with us at 1800 102 6364 to get your windshield repaired or replaced at your doorstep.

So, contact us today!


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