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Back windscreen

The rear windscreen or the back car glass is perhaps the most underrated part of a car. People generally speak of other aspects of car maintenance like the chassis or the engine but seldom about back windscreen replacement. This leads to a lot of people discounting the importance of back car glass.

Importance Of Rear Car Glass

Let’s explore some key reasons which make the rear windscreen such an essential component in your car.

  • Your back windscreen creates a protective barrier if you ever get into an accident. It is crucial for the safety of your passengers. The tougher and more secure your back glass is, the safer you feel.
  • Your back windscreen enhances comfort by insulating you from the outside.
  • While driving, it is necessary to have a clear vision to see what is ahead or behind you to avoid any type of accident. In other words, it maximises visibility.
  • The back windscreen glass of your vehicle is made from a particular type of glass that is hard to break. This makes it a barrier of everything from dust to thieves.

Even though the windscreen of your vehicle is made of toughened durable glass, yet even they deteriorate. It may be just a nick or the adhesive that might be coming off but more often than not it is always wise and pragmatic to get a rear window replacement.

But how does one know when to get it changed?

When To Change The Back Windscreen?

The rear windscreen should be changed as soon as you notice any visible damages, nicks or deformations. If the replacement is not done on time, these small problems can fester and grow into bigger concerns. The damage may grow and compromise the structural integrity of the entire glass. This becomes a real problem as it will also compromise the safety of your family, friends or any other passenger who is travelling with you.

Here are a few things to know so that you can identify when it is time to change your rear windscreen.

  • It is important for you to know if your rear windscreen is made of tempered glass and or laminated glass. This is because tempered glass, even though very strong and durable, shatters when broken. It crumbles into small pieces that can still prick but it won't be as dangerous as long glass shards. This type of glass, however, cannot be repaired. Laminated glass is another form of glass with a plastic film in it. This allows the glass to stay intact even in case of an accident. It protects the passengers as it acts like a barrier even after it is broken and shields them from debris.
  • Another sign which indicates that your rear windscreen needs to be replaced is when there is a nick in it. We strongly believe that a nicks, however small, is still longer than a bill as the price is your safety.
  • If a chip is so deep that it went halfway deep into the windscreen, you should get it replaced without a second thought.
  • One more sign to get your rear windscreen replaced is when the chip seems to extend outside the edge of the windscreen.

Now you know how to identify a defective rear windscreen. Please keep in mind that regular check on the windscreen goes a long way in giving you some mental peace. Not to mention that you and your family will always feel much safer driving with an effective windscreen.

Once you have identified that your car needs a rear windscreen replacement, you need to know what kind of options you have available and which works better.

We have listed the two primary types of glass that are favoured to make car windscreens.

Types Of Rear Windscreen Glass

  1. Laminated Glass
  2. Laminated glass as mentioned earlier is a type of glass which has a specialised plastic film coating on either side of the glass. Essentially sandwiching it between the plastic. This allows the glass to stay intact even if it breaks in case of an accident, keeping the passengers unharmed and safe.

    It gives you complete peace of mind regarding the safety of you and your family while driving your vehicle. It is manufactured in such a way that it does not impede your visibility whatsoever while driving. It is highly durable, secure and completely transparent. It is important to note however, that laminated glass is mostly used in high-end luxury cars.

  3. Tempered Glass
  4. This type of glass is made by heating the glass at a high temperature and then immediately reducing the temperature. This sudden change of temperature hardens and tempers the glass. Fun fact, a similar process is also followed to harden steel! Tempered glass is a very strong and durable type of glass, which when broken, shatters into multiple pieces. This is by design. It is made to shatter into small bits as it does not form into sharp and dangerous shards that can cut through the skin. The danger of being poked by tiny pieces of glass may still remain, but it is far safer as it minimises the risk of life-threatening damage in case of an accident.

    But, the type of windscreen glass is not the only important thing to keep in mind. It is also important to know what quality of glass is being used to replace it. At the end of the day, the building blocks of the product need to be of high-quality to deliver maximum safety, insulation and peace of mind.

Different Qualities Of Windscreen Glass

Most back windscreens that are manufactured or replaced are made of either laminated glass or tempered glass. However, the type is not the only important factor at play when it comes to safety. The quality of the glass used to make laminated or tempered glass is crucial to its toughness.

Here are a few qualities of windscreen glass available in the market today.

  1. OEM Glass
  2. OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that the rear windscreen is made according to the exact specifications of the original vehicle design. Even though the parts are unbranded, it is indistinguishable in terms of quality, thickness, material composition as well as other safety features. It is quite a money-saver, however, it might not be marketed or made by the original dealer.

  3. Dealer Glass
  4. Dealer glass on the other hand is quite expensive, in comparison to OEM. The rear windscreens that are replaced are branded replacements and fit the manufacturer’s exact specifications of the original vehicle design. Also, it is marketed and made by the original dealer itself.

    It is best when you want your vehicle to remain as original as possible.

  5. Aftermarket Glass
  6. Aftermarket glass is the most economical out of the three. Although the designs are manufactured according to all the safety regulations, the parts do not conform to the exact specifications of the original equipment. It, however, fulfils the requirements of a basic product, but the material composition, thickness etc. might differ.

    Depending upon your vehicle this can be a real bargain.

Why Choose AIS Windshield Experts?

AIS Windshield Experts provides the highest quality solutions for your windscreen replacement. We are India’s number 1 glass solutions provider, mastering and improving the science of glass making for over 3 decades. Our windscreen glass repair and replacement network is also ranked number 1 in this country and spans over 80+ cities. Our excellent service and high-quality products are in line with our motto ‘Faster. Safer. Better’. Our primary goal is to ensure the complete safety of you and your passengers.

Find the highest quality OEM glass for your car as well as other car models. Explore our solutions on https://www.windshieldexperts.com/, and the standards they adhere to and get the most reliable support in India.

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