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Windshield replacement company

Delhi is one of the most busiest metropolises, and here cars are your lifeline. Your vehicle is essential to your life in the city. So, it is important that you keep it in perfect running condition.

But the check should not be limited to the engine, suspension and gearbox or your car. It should extend to your chassis and your windshields. Any damage to the windshield can make any driving a serious hazard as it can hinder your visibility as well as safety if it breaks.

But when is it absolutely necessary to replace a windshield? Let's look at some of the warning signs.

When To Get Windshield Glass Replacement

Here are a few types of windshield cracks that generally appear on your car glass.

Star Crack – As the name suggests, this type of crack is in the shape of a star. The cracks in this type of damage have different lengths and widths converging at the point of contact. Depending on the extent of the crack your windshield will either be repaired or replaced completely. If it is not repaired on time, star cracks can escalate quite quickly.

Half-Moon Crack – In these types of cracks there is a semi-circular separation present around the point of impact.

Bull’s Eye Crack – This type of crack is somewhat similar to the half-moon crack. Instead of semi-circular separation, there is a full circular separation around the pit or point of impact.

Stress Crack – This is a type of internal crack as you cannot feel it with your fingers. A stress crack is not caused due to any impact, it occurs due to sudden changes in the weather.

Combination Break – This type of crack or break, as the name suggests, is a combination of two different types of cracks. It is usually a combination of a bull’s eye crack and a star crack.

Please note that any crack or chip on a windshield is repairable, only if the depth or diameter of the crack or chip does not exceed 40mm. If the depth or diameter of the crack or chip is more than that, it is best to get a windshield glass replacement done by a reliable windshield glass supplier such as AIS Windshield Experts.

Also, keep in mind that the chip must not expand to the inner glass and should not be in the direct line of vision. This disrupts your visibility and can be very hazardous when driving in rain.

Choosing a reliable windshield glass replacement service provider is an exercise of trust. And we get it. Windshields, if not properly fitted with good quality glass can spell the difference between life and death in accidents. They can also cause injury during small accidents. Thieves may try to break them and get into your car. Needless to say, a service provider has the burden of giving the best service on any budget. So, if you need a windshield replacement in Delhi, you can always come visit AIS Windshield Experts.

Things to know before choosing a windshield replacement company

Best windshield replacement company

  1. High-Quality Product
  2. The cost of windshield glass replacement or repair can sometimes be a little over budget, due to which one might opt for a cheaper option, although it is not always the best option as the glass might be of lower quality.

    Make sure that your repair company uses the recommended polyurethane adhesive and not other sealants like silicon.

  3. Prioritise Repair
  4. Usually replacing your windshield glass can be quite costlier than repairing it, especially in places like Delhi NCR. Often some windshield replacement companies trick their customers to replace their windshields even if the crack or chip can be fixed easily.

    Always keep in mind that repair should be your first option unless there is no other option but to get the windshield glass repaired.

  5. Insurance Help
  6. The high cost of windshield replacement should not be the reason for you to delay car repairs. You should apply for insurance for your car as it covers either a portion or the entire cost of your windshield glass replacement.

    You might prefer choosing a windshield replacement or repair company that has tie-ups with some of the major insurance companies where you will not face any hassles while claiming the funds.

  7. Ensures Safety
  8. The equipment used for the repair and replacement of the windshield are quite complicated and heavy to use. In contrast, the repair and replacement work itself is deceptively delicate. Any provider you choose must have well-trained and experienced technicians who can do these delicate work with heavy machinery safely. This ensures that your car does not suffer any additional damage during the process.

Go with AIS Windshield Experts

At AIS Windshield Experts, we know the key tenets of providing a great service with high-quality products. As India’s #1 automotive windshield glass repair & replacement network, we have over 80+ centres in cities including Delhi NCR, providing doorstep services and access to the highest quality windshields at affordable prices.

We also curate highly trained technicians to ensure that our repair work is flawless. If you are seeking windshield replacement in Delhi, reach out to our service centre and we will help you evaluate if it is just repair work or if it needs replacement.

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