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Front windshield glass replacement

Anyone who truly loves their car or their life knows for a fact how reckless, dangerous and frankly irrational it is to drive with a cracked or damaged windshield. Everyone knows not to do that. However, very few people know that even after they get their front windshield glass replacement done, certain precautions need to be taken. Precautions that are necessary to ensure the integrity of the windshield is not compromised.

The aftercare of your front windshield glass replacement is very important. This is because, even though the glass is repaired or replaced, it takes a bit of time to achieve full strength. There are a few things you can do and ensure to get the most out of your windshield replacement and make it last for a very long time.

To make sure that your windshield doesn’t get damaged right after the replacement, here are a few aftercare tips that you can follow.

Tips To Follow After A Front Glass Windshield Replacement

These tips are necessary to follow to ensure your safety, security and comfort while driving the vehicle.

  1. Adequate Time To Cure

  2. When you send your vehicle for its front windshield to be replaced, there are various types of windshield adhesives that are used in the process. These adhesives help create a waterproof seal between the shield and the frame of the vehicle.

    You may need to wait for a certain period of time for it to cure completely depending upon the type of adhesive. The type of adhesive is not the only factor, there are other environmental factors that are to be taken into consideration, such as humidity and temperature. Warmer temperatures work best for most adhesives to adhere and cure faster. It is still recommended that you give enough time to the adhesive to set. Otherwise, the vibration caused by the vehicle when it is on and moving may weaken the adhesive bond if not properly set.

  3. Don’t Remove The Tape From Your Front Windshield

  4. When adhesives are used on the windshield, a type of retention tape is put on it as well to secure the adhesive. These tapes prevent debris and other elements from hindering the drying and curing process. It does become quite tempting to remove the tapes but it is in your own best interest to leave it on for at least 24 hours.

    If you do remove it before that, the effectiveness of the adhesive may be compromised and your windshield might get damaged again and which will compromise your safety.

  5. Leave The Car Windows Open

  6. The most common cause of cracks or chips in your windshield is the high pressure created inside the vehicle due to heat. It is quite common during hot weather when rolling down windows is as reckless as driving with a cracked windshield. This high-pressure build-up inside the vehicle causes the adhesive seal to break and create leaks which eventually leads to stress points in the windshield that cracks.

    This doesn’t mean that you cannot prevent this situation. Before setting out on your drive, crack open the windows to let the pressure stabilise inside the car. Do this especially when you are using the car after a long time or it has been sitting in the sun for some time.

  7. Avoid High-Pressure Car Washes

  8. You might need to take a break from your high-pressure car washes for some time after getting your front windshield replaced. It is important to do so because the pressure exerted can be too much for the adhesive before it cures completely, as a result, it can compromise its strength.

If the adhesive is not set completely, it remains weak which will eventually result in a crack over the slightest impact. Therefore it is very important to let the adhesive set properly and completely to avoid any unwanted hazards.

But before you can start following these tips and guidance, you must choose the right people to take care of this delicate job for you. It takes proper know-how, equipment and experience to replace windshields in a way that ensures in-car safety and longevity of the repair work.

AIS Windshield Experts in Agra, Delhi and Bangalore provide you with their trained and well-equipped technicians, who can guide you through all your queries and provide you with the solutions you need.

AIS Windshield Experts in New Delhi, Agra and Bangalore give you the best solutions for any and every windshield issue that you may face while also providing you with the best technicians. Their quality of work blurs the line between new and repaired as you won’t be able to tell the difference. It also means the work will be smoother, cleaner and faster.

So, why wait, go and get the service you and your car deserve from AIS Windshield Experts. Any windshield issues that you might be facing, our wide range of solutions will help you fix it and give you the confidence to get back on the road, safe and sound.

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