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Best Ways to Remove Sticker From Car Window Without Damaging It

February 20, 2020
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When it comes to stickers on cars, one of the most likely places that you can find them is on the windshield in car. Stickers, if they are placed in your line of sight can disrupt your view of the roads and can cause distraction, which is why it becomes important to remove them properly and safely. Mostly, stickers on car glass can be quite stubborn and are often a huge struggle to remove as they tend to leave residue behind. However, if you are worried about how to get them removed properly, there are some sure-shot ways of getting it done.

Given below are some of the best ways to remove stickers from your windshield in car, without damaging it –

Soapy Water

First, start peeling the sticker diagonally so that you can remove the majority of the sticker. Once the sticker is removed, the paper from the back of the sticker, the torn portion of the sticker (if any), and the adhesive residue will be left behind. The most basic way of removing this from your windshield in car is to use soapy water. Use a bucket and fill it with warm water and a little bit of dish soap or liquid detergent. Mix it well and use a rag to begin soaking the adhesive so that the adhesive starts to absorb the moisture. Do this a couple of times until the adhesive is completely soaked. After the adhesive is soaked, use your fingers or a plastic scraper or the rag to remove it. Once the adhesive is out, clean the glass area with water and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

Window Cleaning Detergent

You can also use your trusty window cleaning detergent to remove the sticker. All you have to do is spray the window cleaner onto the sticker and leave it on for a few minutes. Then check if the sticker has gone soft or if it is slipping when you touch it. Once it is soft, you can use a plastic scraper to scrape out the sticker gently without harming the windshield in car. Wipe the glass dry with a paper towel to make it look clean.

Rubbing Alcohol

Another solution that works quite well is to use rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol. Take a dry paper towel and put some rubbing alcohol on it. Then use the towel to completely soak the sticker on your windshield glass. You will soon see that the sticker is starting to get soft and wrinkled. Once it gets soft, use a plastic scraper or a plastic card to scrape out the sticker. If there is any residue left, you can use a fresh paper towel soaked in alcohol to rub it away.

Baking Soda

Baking soda works wonders on stickers. Using baking soda is also completely harmless as it is non-toxic. All you have to do is add some baking soda to a half a cup of everyday cooking oil. Mix the solution and dab it on the sticker. Give it some time to soak and then peel the sticker off from the edges. You can use a plastic card, a plastic scraper or your fingers to peel it away. But you need to be aware of one thing that baking soda should not be used if the glass has been tinted as it will damage the tint.

Adhesive Cleaner

A sure-shot way of getting the sticker removed in a jiffy is to use an adhesive cleaner. An adhesive cleaner is specially formulated to soften the adhesive so that it can be easily removed. All you have to do is use the adhesive remover and spray it on the sticker. Give a couple of minutes for the sticker to get properly soaked. After it has been soaked, you can then easily peel it or scrape it away with a plastic scraper. After removal, you can use a cloth soaked in a window-cleaning detergent to clean the area and to make the windshield look as good as new.

When removing stickers, you must find a way to do it without scratching or harming the windshield in car as it is one of the most vital of car components.

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