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Fall – the time of the year for which everybody waits with bated breath. After all, the mighty trees shed their gorgeous leaves which then adorn the ground with their glorious shades of yellow, orange, and red – an illusion of the sun kissing the horizon.

But, every rose has its thorn – these autumn leaves are as much a safety hazard as they are a joy to behold. Speak of irony! Not only can these leaves coupled with rain make the roads slippery enough to hydroplane vehicles but they can even damage car components, especially the windshield in car. 

Better Be-Leaf it: Fall Leaves can Cause Harm

Fall leaves generally get swayed by the wind and land onto your car – its hood, its roof, and most importantly, its windshield. These dry autumn leaves may be a cleaning hassle at most but if you postpone cleaning for too long and it rains, the wet and sticky leaves may lead to greater, unforeseen issues.

Wet, sticky leaves left for too long will begin to decompose and release harmful chemicals onto your car’s windshield – sap, pollen, and acid. The consequences can be grave – These substances, especially the sap will make the leaves stickier, making it even more difficult to remove them over time.

Moreover, even in the case of dry leaves that get displaced by the forces of wind; if the windshield of car is not washed soon after the leaves are gone, their residue can leave marks on your windshield and even make it a challenge for the wiper blades to function properly.

And in the worst-case scenario, decomposing leaves together with dirt can clog the drain holes that normally allow water to freely move and clear, located underneath’s your car’s windshield. These clogged drain holes combined with worn-out seals will allow water to drip into the passenger compartment, leading to expensive damages.

This problem will be even greater if your windshield in car already has a chip or crack that has been left unattended. 

Fall Windshield Maintenance Tips: Before, During, and After

Worried already? Well, here’s the good news! You can take preventative steps to keep such unfortunate situations as those mentioned above at bay. Use the following tips -

Don’t Park under Trees

It is not difficult to spot Fall leaves owing to their unique shades. When you spot such a tree, be warned that it will be shedding large quantities of leaves, leaving your windshield of car in a sorry state. Hence, the safest thing to do would be to avoid parking your car under the shade of such trees. You can park under trees that may have shed majority of their leaves.

Go Easy on the Brakes

If you are not cautious with how you brake on leaf-covered roads, the leaves will be blown in all directions only to land onto your windshield in car. Also, ensure that your car’s tyres have sufficient tread to enable stopping on damp roads.

Keep Distance, Drive Slow

During the months of Autumn, the last thing you want to do is zoom past vehicles on leaf-laden roads like a thoroughbred racer. The reason is self-evident. The wind will transfer those leaves onto your windshield of car which will later be a nuisance to remove. Moreover, another important preventative step would be to keep distance from vehicles in front of you, especially if you’re driving through the woods.

Remove Leaves often

Dropping of some leaves everyday is inevitable during the Fall time. Your best bet would be to gently remove the leaves fallen onto your windshield in car as and when you see them, especially when they’re yet dry. That way you can use your hand (fewer chances of scratch marks) instead of a broom. You can even use a hose to remove the leaves.

Wash Your Car’s Windshield Regularly

Before the arrival of Fall, wash your windshield of car thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris that might make it easier for leaves to settle onto the car glass. Moreover, even during the Fall season, ensure that you wash your car’s windshield and wiper blades routinely to keep even leaf residual marks at bay.

Consider a Car Cover

This method works well for both the short-term and the long-term. By keeping your car covered, you eliminate all chances of leaves falling onto its windshield and damaging it. Moreover, a car cover acts as a shield, not only against Fall leaves but also unexpected rainfall, hail, even scratches.

Remember Routine Windshield Check-ups

Sometimes, despite tremendous precautions, it is not uncommon for your windshield in car to have clogged drain holes, leaky seals, and stubborn leaf residue. If you suspect such a situation, get your car glass monitored by a professional. However, throughout the Fall season, you must take your car for routine check-ups to ensure that its windshield is in top-notch shape.

Not only the windshield of car, you should even get its wiper blades checked, and if needs be, replaced. 

Choose AIS Windshield Experts for Fall Leaves-Related Damage

Suspect a fall-related damage on your windshield in car? Get in touch with AIS Windshield Experts – India’s largest auto glass repair and replacement network! Our trained technicians provide exceptional windshield repair and replacement and wiper blade check and replacement services, use OEM-grade glass and polyurethane adhesives, and follow international safety norms.

Simply call us at 1800 102 6364 and we will reach you wherever you are! Get in touch.

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