Car Windshield Replacement Challenges in the Modern Era


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Damaged Car Glass Windshield Repair & Replacement

Presently, new technological advancements are transforming our reality every day. Driverless and semi-autonomous cars seem more plausible than ever. The automotive industry, in particular, has benefitted from such innovative technologies. And car windshields are no exception.

Keeping in mind the safety, security, and comfort of the passengers, the automotive industry has been manufacturing windshields with minimum injury risk using processed glasses like laminated glass along with integrated assistive technologies.

Nonetheless, modern car windshields are susceptible to impairment, owing to various factors such as projectile impact, collision impact, flying debris, and in some cases, improper windshield installation.

The repair technologies for car windshields have also improved, offering effective treatments. However, if the damage is irreparable, windshield car replacement remains the sole option.

Modern Car Windshields vs. Traditional Car Windshields

Earlier, windshields were made of ordinary glass. To avoid injury during impact, early 19th-century drivers wore goggles for protection.

Then, came in the two-pieced plate glass wherein if one layer of the glass became dirty or damaged, it could be peeled off to reveal the second layer for usage. The danger of such windshield glass was realised soon enough.

Then entered the cellulose-separated windshield glass followed by the curved windshield which did improve aerodynamics to a certain degree. The next candidate was tempered glass, whose strength made it seem like an ideal option for windshield glass. However, it could easily shatter, leaving passengers vulnerable to impact-induced injuries.

Finally, came in laminated glass – two layers of glass sandwiched by a special PVB interlayer. Laminated glass is still the preferred choice for windshields as the glass pieces do not fall apart in case of breakage.

While modern car windshields are also made of laminated glass, they come retrofitted with other assistive technologies such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

About Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

An interactive safety feature, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can assist drivers during parking or while driving. These electronic systems are designed with a safe human-machine interface to enhance passenger and road safety, by using integrated sensors and cameras.

To lower human error, ADAS systems are developed to adapt, enhance, and automate the vehicle’s systems. ADAS systems rely on active features such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), and Lane Centring (LC), along with passive features such as Lane Departure Warning (LDW), and Forward Collision Warning (FCW).

However, most of the ADAS systems’ critical components are either mounted or connected to the car’s windshield such as the integrated sensors and cameras. This is why windshield car replacement has become challenging and windshield replacement cost has increased drastically.

Modern Windshield Replacement Challenges

Given the complexity of the systems integrated in modern cars, only technicians who are trained and skilled to recalibrate the car’s computer system can handle the replacement procedure deftly.

Different Car, Different Re-Calibration

For modern cars with ADAS systems, a simple windshield car replacement isn’t enough. After the windshield replacement, the safety systems and features need to be re-calibrated to function as per usual. And different cars have different re-calibration requirements.

Often, there are in-built or attached sensors connected to the ADAS system that can throw off the entire system if not positioned in the right manner or position. Similar to sensors, connected cameras also need proper re-calibration since the lens occupy specific areas on the windshield to “see” through the glass.

The entire process can involve resetting the vehicle’s computer system, laser setup, taking measurements or performing manual adjustments, to be at par with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Furthermore, for the entire windshield replacement, cost is usually high, including the price of the new windshield and the technician fee.

Importance of the Windshield Replacement Service Provider

Before settling for a windshield car replacement service provider, make sure to keep a record of the manufacturer’s specifications. Generally, for vehicles equipped with advanced safety systems, manufacturers provide specific instructions vital to the re-calibration process. These specifications depend on the vehicle’s model and make.

Now, these modern car windshields aren’t easy to replace. Only technicians with the right expertise, certification, and special types of equipment or tools can perform efficient windshield car replacement in the modern era.

Always look for genuine replacement service providers who use OEM-recommended windshield for replacement while matching international safety standards. Moreover, the service providers should be transparent about the overall windshield replacement cost, including extra charges, if any. 

The Bottom Line

After windshield car replacement, if proper re-calibration is neglected, the safety features of the ADAS systems turn ineffective. This is why seeking professional services from a trained, experienced, and knowledgeable technician is crucial to ensure optimum functioning of the replaced car windshield.

Choose AIS Windshield Experts for Your Modern Windshield!

At AIS Windshield Experts, we provide reliable car windshield replacement services without compromising on your vehicle’s advanced safety features and systems. Our team of technicians is company-trained and they carry out windshield car replacement operation efficiently, using top-of-the-line equipment, matching international standards for safety.

As India’s number-one automotive glass repair and replacement network, we use parts as per OEM specifications. The adhesive used for replacement is the industry-recommended PU (Poly Urethane), not silicones or low-quality silicones branded as PU.

Looking for windshield car replacement service near you? Give us a call at 1800 102 6364 today!

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