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In India, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory for every vehicle owner to get a motor insurance policy. An insurance coverage of your vehicle is extremely vital to its safety and the safety of the occupants. However, before you take an auto insurance policy, it is important to know the different types of policies and whether your windshield of car is covered - since it is a frontline warrior during external impacts, it is the most likely to be damaged. This guide will help you know all such details.

What Is an Auto Insurance?

Also known as Motor or Vehicle Insurance, Auto Insurance is a type of insurance policy that car owners purchase from an insurance company, to cover the costs of vehicle loss or damage. Based on the auto insurance policy provisions and factors such as type of vehicle, fuel type, vehicle age, age of the insurer, etc., an insurance policyholder has to pay a premium amount.

In case of an accident, if the vehicle is impaired or broken, a vehicle policyholder can claim monetary support from the insurer to repair or replace the broken vehicle component. However, the amount an insurance policyholder can claim depends on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle i.e. the maximum insured amount that can be paid by the policy provider.

Besides, every year, the auto insurance policy undergoes a renewal. After each renewal, the IDV is lowered as a rate of depreciation is applied to the vehicle that changes the IDV, annually. But, the depreciation rate is only applicable to vehicles aged between one and two years.

Types of Auto Insurance Covers

For vehicle owners, there are three basic types of auto insurance coverage available in the market. However, other provisions and features may be included or excluded, depending on the policy provider’s discretion.

Comprehensive Coverage

For this coverage, damage caused to windshield of car by natural disasters such as storm, flood, hailstorm, etc. as well as damage caused by man-made calamities such as accidents, fire, vandalism, etc. are covered by the insurance policy, with certain terms and conditions.

Liability Coverage

Third-party liability coverage is an insurance policy coverage designed to protect the driver in case he is held responsible for causing an accident. Also, costs like medical expenses, damages, or other expenses of those impacted by the accident are covered in this policy.

Collision Coverage

Under this policy, any damage incurred due to a traffic accident irrespective of whose fault it is, and the vehicle damage induced by a collision, is eligible for insurance claim. Additionally, this insurance coverage also has a provision for vehicle replacement if it is declared “totalled”.

Reasons Why Insurance May not Cover the Windshield

In some auto insurance coverage, there may not be provisions for windshield damages. However, even if your auto insurance covers for the windshield of car, you cannot claim monetary relief in some instances of windshield damage.

Coverage Policy

If the windshield damage is not covered by the policy, you cannot claim the monetary benefit, irrespective of the cause that may have impaired the windshield of car. For example – liability coverage will not cover for the damage cost incurred if you accidently hit an object.

Under the Influence

If the windshield of car was damaged while the driver was in an inebriated state, the insurance policy will not cover for the cost incurred. Policyholders are not liable for an insurance claim if the driver was caught in an accident while being under the influence of an intoxicant like alcohol, drugs, etc.

Policy Expired before Renewal

Simply put – even if your comprehensive insurance covers for windshield damages but, you make a claim post the expiry of the policy contract and before renewal, you cannot claim insurance for fixing the windshield of car. This is why it is recommended to renew the policy without breaks.

No Driving License

If you incur windshield damage while driving the vehicle with an invalid driving license or without a driving license altogether, the insurance policy will not cover for its repair cost.

Collateral Damage

Generally, in case of violent events such as mutiny, riots, wars, rebellion, among others, car windshields are often the target of attacks. Following this, if your windshield of car is found to be impaired or broken, the insurance policy won’t pay for the fixing cost of those damages.

The Bottom Line

For maximum ROIs, you must pick an insurance policy after assessing every clause, coverage, and deductibles. Such that, in case of an accident, if the windshield of car becomes damaged and it comes under policy coverage, the insured vehicle owner can claim the monetary support for subsequent repair or replacement, without fail.

Moreover, a damaged windshield can be a potential safety hazard. Therefore, immediate steps to repair or replace the windshield of car, as required, must ensue immediately to avoid injury.

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