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Windshield Repair

What’s worse than a damaged car windshield? An incompetent technician!

Think about it – a poor windshield repair or replacement job, in essence, is a safety gamble. Out on the road, you can experience several circumstances wherein a windshield can incur damages, both minor and major, thus increasing the risk of a potential safety hazard.

Only credible and skilled technicians will offer quality windshield repair and replacement services. If the technician is incompetent, the chances of a faulty service are high and consequently, the windshield of car is more prone to succumbing during an impact.

Therefore, in the event of car windshield damage, car owners must be careful about choosing the right auto company or the right technician to ensure a proper repair and replacement service.

In this guide, we will look at some of the ways in which you spot a bad windshield technician.

Damaged Windshield: Repair or Replacement?

In most cases wherein the windshield of car suffers minor chips (at the most two), a simple repair suffices. But, if the damage extends beyond that, a windshield replacement becomes necessary. Moreover, it is important to remember that all kinds of windshield cracks warrant immediate replacement. This is because cracks weaken the structural integrity of the windshield of car significantly.

Nevertheless, for chips, consider factors such as location, size, and number of damages to deduce whether a repair is enough or a replacement is needed.  For instance – Chips that are 40mm or less in diameter can only be repaired. Plus, up to two such chips can be repaired successfully. Finally, if the chip lie directly in the line-of-sight of the driver, a repair will not suffice.

Notwithstanding repair or replacement, opt for an experienced, certified, and trained technician to ensure high-quality services.

Spot a Bad Technician, Here’s How

If anything, an improper installation of a windshield in car means compromising safety. This is why choosing a certified technician is important. Here’s how you can spot a bad technician easily.

Incorrect Diagnosis

Often, unskilled technicians diagnose the windshield damage incorrectly; recommending a replacement of windshield in car when a repair job will suffice and vice-versa. Many a times, technicians use these tactics to rip off customers since car windshield repairs or replacements are expensive.

Thus, on such occasions, it is better to seek the advice of family and friends with similar experiences or get a second opinion from a different technician to proceed with a fix. Moreover, being informed about the market, certifications, and other related knowledge can assist you to choose better.

Improper Fitting

Did you spot an improper fitting? If yes, then you know the technician lacked proper expertise and skills to perform windshield replacement. To use an industry term, the newly fit windshield in car should be ‘flush’ i.e. the windshield must fit in the frame, perfectly.

If the windshield replacement isn’t flush, it can lead to water leaks, excess vibrations, and in extreme cases, cracks or breaks. Improper fittings are a tell-tale sign of an unseasoned technician. Look out for signs such as bumps, waves, frame moulding, adhesive seals, etc. on the replaced windshield of car to determine if the installation was faulty or not. Mostly, a smooth and clear car windshield glass is the result of a skilled technician.

No Warranty

Remember this – a genuine windshield repair and replacement service provider always offers products and services with warranty. Besides, an automotive glass used in the windshield of car isn’t inexpensive. Through the warranty, you remain protected in case an accident occurs during the warranty period.

Most importantly, a warranty represents high-quality work that the technician is confident of. In case your technician uses a warranty-less windshield glass for replacement or does not offer warranty on their workmanship, consider it a sure sign of incompetence.

Misinformed Drive-Away Time

After the replacement of the windshield in car, you must not drive the car before a specific length of time. In the domain of automotive glass, this specific time is recognised as the drive-away time that is required for the adhesive to cure. Once the adhesive used to set the windshield of car is completely dry, you can drive your car safely.

It is important that your technician informs you about the drive-away time or you run the risk of driving the car before the cure time is over. If this happens, the replaced windshield in car can fall off mid-drive, jeopardising occupants’ safety.

The Bottom Line

There are ample reasons why windshield in car is an important component, for instance – structural integrity, roof support, impact-resistance, UV rays filtration, etc. This is why it is ideal to seek immediate professional help when your car windshield incurs chips, cracks, or breaks.

Are you looking for a windshield in car repair or replacement near you? Turn to AIS Windshield Experts for high-quality car windshield repair and replacement service.

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