Car Windshield Replacement – A comprehensive beginner’s guide


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Car windshield replacement beginner's guide

The car windshield has two significant functions to serve: creating a clear view out of the vehicle and protecting its occupants from getting their faces crushed in an accident. The name is literally windshield, and it can't be any more self-explanatory. However, at times, this brave soldier shows not-so-proud battle scars as they absorb the blows from various attackers, most commonly rocks, road debris, and pieces of other cars leading to chips and cracks.

Fortunately, you can get them repaired or seek car windshield replacement altogether. For starters, as a responsible vehicle owner, having some basic knowledge of windshield replacement is quintessential. So, in case of any unfavourable event relating to a windshield, you need not panic as you would know your options and necessary measures to take.

Common Types of Windshield Damage

You may encounter many different types of windshield damages, and a car windshield replacement expert can determine the severity of the damage. After meticulously examining the issue, he will recommend whether a repair will do the job or complete car windshield replacement is required. The common types of windshield damages are as follows:


Its shape and position determine it. In the case of a crack on edge, it is usually found within a couple of inches of the windshield's edge, whereas a stress crack is often large and happens due to extreme heat.


It is a small circular break with a few tails attached. It must be repaired if the car windshield replacement expert catches it early.


Commonly known as a ding, a chip is a small, singular point of damage, if left alone, can spread into a crack.

Ways to Avoid Windshield Damage

The windshield is more than just a mere ornamental addition to your car — it is a fundamental safety component of your car, installed to provide maximum protection to you and the rest of the occupants. Understanding how the windshield is most likely to suffer any damage can help you save hundreds of rupees. Below are a few ways to avoid the types mentioned above of windshield damage.

    • Avoid extreme temperature changes:

If you're exposing your car to severe and sudden heat and cold temperatures, that can weaken the windshield and make it prone to cracks and breakage. The car windshield replacement experts highly recommend avoiding parking in direct sunlight.

    • Avoid common road hazards:

Stay off of gravel roads, drive a few feet behind the front vehicle on the road, and always avoid driving behind heavy and oversized vehicles, such as semi-trucks, to protect your windshield.

    • Clean your windshield often:

Dead bugs, road salt, bird droppings, and other environmental hazards can destroy your windshield, which can make it easier for minor damage to cause a severe crack. You should clean your windshields frequently, especially if your windows are filthy.

Steps to Take If You Notice Windshield Damage

At times, even after your best efforts, your windshield may encounter minor or major damage, but if you know what cautionary steps to take further, it can help you determine if you need a simple repair or a complete car windshield replacement. Below, we have enlisted a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind if you find windshield damage:

    • Do get off the road and immediately examine the damage:

If you are driving on a highway and rock or debris hits the windshield, you must make a stop to a safe spot and ensure the damage isn't obstructing your view.

    • Don't put a car windshield expert hat on and try to fix the damage on your own:

Several do-it-yourself solutions temporarily fix windshield damage from superglue to clear nail polish. Unfortunately, these solutions do not stay forever and do not slow down the damage's spread.

    • Don't depend on your local mechanic to repair the damage:

Your local auto mechanic may be the go-to person to repair a broken radiator or an engine, but not in the case of car windshield replacement. A professional car windshield replacement expert must take care of the windshield damage.

AIS Windshield Experts — One Stop Solution for Car Windshield Replacement & Repair Services

If you’re looking for car glass repair and replacement experts in India, you may stop searching further as AIS Windshield Experts have come to your rescue. We are India’s leading car windshield replacement and repair company offering hassle-free services to customers, having our presence in over 50+ cities with 90+ conveniently-located service centres and doorstep services that can reach you whenever and wherever.

So connect with us for prompt car windshield replacement solutions!

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