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The automotive industry is a hotbed of innovation and technological advancements. Since the early 20th century, when automobiles became accessible to the general public, several technologies have been developed to enhance the comfort, safety, efficiency, and performance of vehicles. From driverless cars to AI-driven parking technologies, the nature of driving known to us traditionally is expected to change completely, and this technology is now being used windshields as well. A windshield in car serves a number of important benefits - it prevents foreign particles from entering the car, protects the driver from harm during an accident, and ensures maximum visibility for the driver. However, technology is pushing these traditional boundaries, making the auto glass much more than just a protective barrier. The following are some technologies in windshields that are expected to change the industry and your driving experience forever:  Heated Front Windshield Fog, snow or condensation on windshield in car can obstruct the driver's vision and be potentially dangerous. Many brands of cars like Jaguar, Mercedes and Land Rover have started to introduce heated windshields in cars. Similar to heated windows used in houses and buildings, these windshields help in clearing away ice and condensation to improve visibility. The idea behind this technology was to avoid using car AC or heater to remove the condensation, which helps save fuel, reduces noise and maintains the internal environment of the car consistently. With a heated windshield, you can clear out the fog or condensation soon after starting the car and ensure a safe driving experience for yourself.   Gorilla Glass Gorilla glass – the same glass that is found in over 4.5 billion devices worldwide including smartphones, tablets, watches, etc. – is popular for its light bodyweight, durable design, and clear vision. This chemically treated glass is beginning to gain popularity amongst automobile manufacturers. The increased durability protects the windshield in car from possible mishaps, debris or stones. In terms of driver vision, it delivers three times sharper and brighter vision compared to any other conventional glass. This also opens up the possibility of interactive displays and navigation technologies in windscreens.  Wiper-less Windshield Weather conditions such as rainfall, snowfall, etc. put a lot of strain on the windshield wipers, causing them to wear out. Several high-end car companies have been working on wiper-less windshields since the last decade. McLaren, a car manufacturing company, has borrowed technologies from fighter jets to develop wiper-less auto glass. These glasses use ultra-sonic sound to repel rain or snow falling on the glass surface. A transducer mounted in the corner of the windshield in car creates an ultrasonic force field and prevents rain, moisture, and debris from collecting on the surface. This technology is yet to be tested in realistic scenarios; however, given the pace of technological advancements in the industry, it is expected to hit the roads soon.   Display Projection Display projection technology happens to be an old one – military aircraft have been using projective displays since the 1940s. Popularly known as the “heads up technology”, this technology helps the driver by displaying his smartphone screen onto the windshield in car. It can be used to display a variety of information like navigation maps, news updates, weather reports, etc. The screen can also assist your car with fuel readings, road obstacles, safety data, etc. Using Bluetooth sync, the driver would be able to take calls and reply to messages, hands-free. Some automobile giants already retrofitting this technology into their cars include Cadillac, Jaguar, Audi, Land Rover, among others.  Silver Embedded Glass The sweltering summer sun can turn your car into a heat box, just as the freezing winters of December can turn your car into an icebox. Extreme temperatures do more than causing you discomfort; they also harm the efficiency of the car, increase fuel consumption, cause the wear and tear of car parts, etc. Many car makers like Volkswagen are incorporating a silver-embedded windshield of car to cater to these problems arising from extremes of temperatures. This thin layer of silver reflects 60% of the UV-rays to prevent over-heating of the car during hot summers. In winters, it prevents heat from leaving the vehicle and also prevents snow and fog from setting on the glass surface.  Conclusion These technological breakthroughs are still under development, but the day is not far when we’ll be using them in our lives every day. They focus on solving simple problems that drivers face each day and also aim to raise the standards of driving using evolving futuristic solutions. With these advances at our disposal, it will be possible to take driving to a whole new level. Windshield Experts takes the quality and safety of your windshield in car very seriously. AIS India’s best car glass repair and replacement expert, auto glass manufacturers offers hassle-free services at the fastest pace. Contact Windshield Experts today for all your automotive glass needs. If you are looking for car glass dealers in Chennai, car glass replacement in Delhi and car windshield repair Bangalore visit our Glass Dealer Page.

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