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Repairing Damaged Windshield at Doorstep: Complete Guide

The most prominent feature of your windshield is protection from the elements as well as any mishaps, but it also plays a significant role in the structural stability of your car. Nowadays, windshields are made of highly refined glass with exclusive technology to ensure its durability and safety of passengers. This also means that windshield replacement can be quite tedious and expensive.

You want to avoid windshield replacements caused due to carelessness and take certain precautions to extend the life expectancy of the glass. By taking care of intricate and inexpensive details, you can keep a whole lot of problems away. Read on to understand cost-effective windshield replacement services and how to strategize them.

Drive Wisely

A driver who enjoys speeding without noticing the terrain is surely going to deal with expensive vehicle repairs. Similarly, Windshield replacements do not come in easy, which is why you have to drive carefully. Try to avoid potholes and speeding on uneven surfaces as this can fling rubble and debris onto your car glass. Do not tail loaded vehicles and steer clear as often as possible because you never know when objects can fall out and land on your windshield. Practising safe methods of driving is going to help you avoid any windshield damages and save you a lot of money.

Temperature Checks

All of us know that glass expands and contracts when exposed to fluctuating temperatures. These extremities in temperature are bound to damage your windshield glass and weaken it over time, thereby calling for an unnecessary windshield replacement. You can avoid such instances by simply watching out for temperature changes. Don’t leave the car under direct heat for too long and park it in a shady spot. Similarly, try to cover your car for resistance against chips and cracks caused by hailstones during the winters. By maintaining this simple routine, you will keep a lot of expenses at bay.

Tend to Chips and Cracks Immediately

Take immediate action when you notice a crack or chip. Even if it is minor, do not ignore it for it will eventually worsen and you will have to spend a fortune on repairing more consequential damage. You may even have to get the windshield replaced. Staying alert about such tiny damages will not only spare you a more expensive repair or replacement, but it will also stop the chip or crack from turning into a potential threat. Be wise and do not let a windshield crack or chip go neglected.

Importance of Comprehensive Insurance

Not in the mood to have a windshield replacement weigh in on your budget? You need to have comprehensive coverage on your car insurance if you want to be reimbursed. It will take care of any damage on your front or back windshield caused by natural or manmade accidents. If you have comprehensive coverage, you can also apply for add-ons such as depreciation reimbursement which will cover the entire replacement cost without using your money. Another amazing add-on is the NCB protection which ensures that your NCB remains intact for your first claim without hindering your accumulated NCB.

Keep an Eye on the Wiper Blades

Your identifying factor in determining whether or not your windshield wipers need a change is when they leave streaks of water and do not wipe it off entirely. Wipers need to be changed bi-yearly because they wear out and can insert pressure on certain parts of the windshield and also expose it to the metal or plastic of the wiper blades. If ignored, this will eventually lead to scratches and damage your windshield. To avoid such heavy expenditure because of windshield replacement, it is advised that you change the wiper blades as and when required; focus on this particularly before the downpour season, and you should be good.

Washer Fluid

It is not only important to maintain the optimum washer fluid level but also to put the correct composition of fluid instead of plain water. The washer fluid is a mixture of solvents, detergent, water, and alcohol; these work in unison to dissolve grime and keep the surface of the glass clean. It also acts as a lubricant for the windshield and avoids scratches from tiny particles. Make sure to check your fluid levels and go to a car service centre in case it is running short. Doing this will not only prolong the lifespan of the glass but will also minimise the risk of an expensive windshield replacement.

Avoid Using Chemicals

It is common knowledge that the market is filled with vehicle wash products that are enticing because of their warranted claims about polishing or maintaining the body of your vehicle for longer. However, these products may contain harsh chemicals, especially ammonia that can damage your windshield glass by drying out the protective plastic and vinyl layer. After repeated washes, the glass of your windshield will begin discolouring or fading. This will eventually cause a visibility problem while driving, and you will be forced to opt for windshield replacement. This is an avoidable cost as by simply using normal water or automaker-approved products, you can clean your car windshield easily.

Windshield replacement services, should you require any, are best provided by India’s largest car service chain, AIS Windshield Experts. Our experts offer services that are ‘Faster, Safer, and Better,’ and we follow the ‘Repair First’ policy, recommending a windshield replacement only when deemed necessary. So, get in touch with us today!

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