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Replacing a car windshield glass is no walk in the park! It is one of the most critical components of a vehicle which contributes to the safety of the passengers as well as binds the structural reliability of the car. Even the tiniest chip can cause a problem, and an improper or low-quality glass is enough to cause unthinkable hazards, from both the monetary and the safety aspect. Read further to find out whether you are choosing a good quality car glass or not.

Understand the Types of Glass Available in the Market

OEM Glass

Your car’s manufacturer is the only source of the OEM glass, and this is the same glass as the original one installed in your vehicle. This glass has been through thorough quality checks to ensure safety and performance, and therefore, these parts are genuine and certified.

Dealer Glass

Quite similar to OEM glass, the dealer glass only has the difference in that it is marketed and sold by reliable automotive glass manufacturers who did not manufacture the original glass that came with your car. Dealer car windshields retain all the original automaker’s specifications and are at par in the quality.

Aftermarket Glass

Just like other aftermarket vehicle accessories and electronics, the car windshield can also be made to be sub-standard. It is usually cheaper and low-quality, capable of falling apart at the slightest of impacts.

Which Glass Should You Choose?

Nobody likes ‘knock-offs’ especially because you don’t exactly know what you’re getting into. This is why OEM auto glass is your best choice because you are guaranteed uncompromised quality and assured safety. OEM glass suppliers have invested millions in thorough development and research, using CAE and CAD, which helps them manufacture excellent windshields. Each of these glasses has gone through rigorous and thorough surface contour and optical quality checks. They also fit perfectly and follow the exact standards as your original car windshield glass. Therefore, you must check with your windshield service centre whether or not they keep up with OEM qualifications and stipulations.

Why Laminated Glass?

This type of glass comes with a more secure built and is known as a safety glass. It is manufactured with an inner Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) layer, which is a firm and pliant sheet that can hold two glass panes together. This technique ensures that during the circumstances of a breakable impact, the car windshield glass does not shatter into shards and stays intact within the frame instead of breaking apart and injuring passengers.

Find out about the Installation

You need to understand that replacing a windshield requires manpower and is a two-person job. To ensure a safe and thorough installation, don’t fret from cross-questioning your windshield service centre about the installation procedure. Make sure they are using two people because that will allow one to properly hold the glass in place while the other fixes it into the car windshield frame. You must physically check if the glass perfectly fits into the edges of the frame to warrant safety. Keeping these things in mind will help you get an installation that ensures the glass stays in place and does not rattle or get dislodged on any kind of terrain.

OEM-Certified Adhesive

If the glass has not been appropriately stuck, you are going to encounter a dangerous situation. Make sure you are aware of the adhesive being used and ask whether or not it is OEM-certified. Some of the popular types of adhesives available in the market are silicone, polyurethane, butyrl, modified silicon, and acrylic, and of them all, the one that is best for car windshield installation is polyurethane. Ensure that your service provider uses the same for maximum safety.

Go to a Trusted Dealer

You need to know how to identify locally-made or uncertified car windshield glass, and unless you are a professional, this can be a daunting task. Instead of scratching your forehead, just find a trustworthy service centre. Do your research and ask some friends or even your insurance company because they know who provides reliable services in the market. Avoid looking for mechanics that get your job done in some shady garage for a cheaper price; they will never be able to guarantee the reliability of the product they use or their expertise with the installation process. If you get scammed, you will only be putting yours as well as your fellow-passengers’ lives in danger.

Ask for the Warranty

Asking for the warranty is another way of determining whether the company you have chosen, for your windshield installation, is genuine or not. When it comes to car windshield glass, the company dealing with the installation will automatically provide a warranty for the glass as well as the workmanship because they are confident and take pride in the product and services they offer.

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