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Different ways to protect your windshield

March 6, 2017
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Driving a car is a comfort we all enjoy. While driving miles every day, we encounter different types of weather conditions like strong sunshine, fierce wind, heavy rain and other unforeseen circumstances. In addition to putting our vehicle through extreme weather, we also put them through different types of roads. At times we drive by freeways with high speed, and sometimes intentionally or unintentionally, we carelessly ignore the speed breakers.

The windshield is our first safety cover that protects us from all the external objects coming our way, while on the road. It stays strong and protects the driver and passenger from extreme weather conditions and other debris. Since we cannot control the conditions and circumstances in which we may have to drive, ensuring windshield protection is a must.

Here are some tips to protect the car windshield for a drive that’s safe and secure:

  • Stay Shady – The simplest way to avoid windshield expanding and cracking is to park the vehicle in a shaded area. Direct sunlight will weaken your windshield. And if there is a crack or chip on the windshield already, there are chances of the windshield further shattering.
  • Keep your distance – It is advisable to maintain a safe distance from heavy vehicles while driving. Being aware on the road for these types of vehicles will help avoid rear-end collisions too.
  • Additional pressure – Sudden jolts and pressure to the vehicle can lead to a future windshield mishap. Also, slamming of car doors adds pressure to the minor cracks, allowing them to spread and damage the windshield completely.
  • Use Ammonia-free Cleaners – A clear windshield not only helps with a clear view but also improves the windshield life. Using glass cleaners with ammonia has the tendency to damage the tint of the windshield. Hence, opt for ammonia free cleaners.
  • Windshield wipers wear-tear – During heavy rainfall, we often keep the wipers on which causes a huge amount of friction. This can lead to the glass becoming scratched or even broken. Regular cleaning of the windshield also ensures good windshield wiper condition.

The windshield protects a vehicle from major and unnecessary harm.  Therefore, it is our prime responsibility to take care of it and ensure that it’s maintained well and necessary steps are taken to keep it damage-free.

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