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Effects of weather changes on windshields

March 21, 2017
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In India, throughout the year we all witness a wide range of seasonal change. The temperature shifts from high 50°C to low 2-4°C in summer and winter season respectively. Also, the Indian drivers face major challenges during the monsoon season.

At some stage, all drivers are challenged by bad weather conditions. It is due to this reason that we need to make sure that our vehicle and all of its parts are in a good condition to deal with the seasonal change.

While we take care of all the aspects of our vehicle, most of the time, we forget an important part – the car’s windshield. Undoubtedly, it is the shield which protects us from rain, wind, bugs and other debris we may encounter on the road.  No matter how durable the windshield is, every season has enough potential to create chips and cracks on it.

Windshield Caring Tips

Here are some precautions that our experts recommend for every seasonal shift-

Summer: The uprising heat in the months of summer does not directly cause chips and cracks on the windshield, but it can cause the existing damage to spread.


  • Don’t blast up your AC too high as the temperature difference between the exterior and interior will have a negative impact on the windshield.
  • Also, try keeping your car away from direct sun’s heat.
  • In the case of expanded or chipping windshield, avoid slamming the door as this will put added pressure on the windshield.

Monsoon: This is the season where we witness heavy rainfall. The rain drops on the windshield reduce the visibility, while the continuous usage of windshield wipers may lead to scratches on it.

Precautions –

  • Make sure your interior glass is clean.
  • Avoid driving during hailstorms.
  • Be careful on the bumpy roads, especially if your windshield already has chips and cracks.

Winter: Due to the freezing winter temperature, your windshield may be more susceptible to expand and develop cracks, leading to further breakdown of the entire windshield.

Precautions –

  • Let the windshield warm up slowly instead of turning on the defroster too high.
  • Do not use boiling water to warm up the windshield, as a sudden change in temperature causes the windshield to expand.

Fall: The slight shift to the cooler temperature from the summer heat is a relief. But there are enough hazards that come along with this season, especially for your vehicle’s windshield.


  • Avoid driving in storms as falling branches, nuts, and seeds may land hard on the windshield, causing damage.
  • If there is a chip on your windshield, be proactive to get that repaired instantly.

These adverse weather conditions tend to reduce the visibility of the driver, while on the road. To overcome these unique challenges the drivers are required to exercise special caution, in order to avoid further windshield mishap.

Our professionals at Windshield Experts have years of experience in providing Glass repair and replacement services (now available at your doorstep).

A small chip or a large crack may disturb your driving experience. We advice not to ignore them and get them repaired at the earliest.

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